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River; thence west to the Plume River, which falls Ri- 1831 ver into the Chippeway River; thence down said Plume to its mouth; thence down the Chippeway River 30 miles; thence easterly to the forks of the Manoy River, which falls into the Wisconsin River; thence down the said Manoy River to its mouth; thence down the Wisconsin River to the Wisconsin Portage; thence across the said Portage to the Fox River; thence down Fox River to its mouth at Green Bay, or the place of beginning.

The Country described within the above Boundaries, the Menomonees claim as the exclusive property of their Tribe. Not yet having disposed of any of their lands, they receive no annuities from the United States; whereas their brothers, the Pootowottomees on the south, and the Winnebagoes on the west, have sold a great portion of their Country, receive large annuities, and are now encroaching upon the lands of the Menomonees. For the purposes, therefore, of establishing the Boundaries of their Country, and of ceding certain portions of their lands to the United States, in order to secure great and lasting benefits to themselves and posterity, as well as for the purpose of settling the long existing dispute between themselves and the several Tribes of the New York Indians, who claim to have purchased a portion of their lands, the Undersigned, Chiefs and Headmen of the Menomonee Tribe, stipulate and agree with the United States as follows:

ART. I. The Menomonee Tribe of Indians declare themselves the friends and allies of the United States, under whose parental care and protection they desire to continue; and although always protesting that they are under no obligation to recognise any claim of the New York Indians to any portion of their Country; that they neither sold, nor received any value for the land claimed by these Tribes; yet, at the solicitation of their great Father, the President of the United States, and as an evidence of their love and veneration for him, they agree that such part of the land described, being within the following Boundaries, as he may direct, may be set apart as a home to the several Tribes of the New York Indians, who may remove to and settle upon the same, within 3

1831 years from the date of this Agreement, viz. beginning on the west side of Fox River, near the ,,Little Kackalin," at a point known as the ,,Old Mill Dam;" thence north-west 40 miles; thence north-east to the Oconto Creek, falling into Green Bay; thence down said Oconto Creek to Green Bay; thence up and along Green Bay and Fox River to the place of beginning; excluding therefrom all private land claims confirmed, and also the following reservation for military purpo ses; beginning on the Fox River, at the mouth the first Creek above Fort Howard; thence north 64 degrees west to Duck Creek; thence down said Duck Creek to its mouth; thence up and along Green Bay and Fox River to the place of beginning. The Menomonee Indians also reserve, for the use of the Uni ted States, from the Country herein designated for the New York Indians, timber and firewood for the United States' Garrison, and as much land as may be deemed necessary for public highways, to be located by the direction and at the discretion of the President of the United States. The Country hereby

ceded to the United States, for the benefit of the New York Indians, contains by estimation about 500,000 acres, and includes all their improvements on the west side of Fox River. As it is intended for a home for the several Tribes of the New York Indians who may be residing upon the lands at the expiration of 3 years from this date, and for none others, the President of the United States is hereby empowered to appor tion the lands among the actual occupants at that time, so as not to assign to any Tribe a greater number of acres than may be equal to 100 for each soul actually settled upon the lands, and if, at the time of such apportionment, any lands shall remain unoccupied by any Tribe of the New York Indians, such portion as would have belonged to said Indians had it been occupied, shall revert to the United Sta tes. That portion, if any, so reverting, to be laid off by the President of the United States. It is distinctly understood, that the lands hereby ceded to the United States for the New York Indians, are to be held by those Tribes, under such tenure as the Menomonee Indians now hold their lands, subject to such regulations and alteration of tenure as Congress


and the President of the United States shall, from 1831 time, to time, think proper to adopt.

ART. II. For the above cession to the United States, for the benefit of the New York Indians, the United States consent to pay the Menomonee Indians 20,000 dollars; 5,000 to be paid on the 1st day of August next, and 5,000 annually thereafter; which sums shall be applied to the use of the Menomonees after such manner as the President of the United States may direct.

ART. III. The Menomonee Tribe of Indians, in consideration of the kindness and protection of the Government of the United States, and for the purpose of securing to themselves and posterity a comfortable home, hereby cede and for ever relinquish to the United States, all their Country on the southeast side of Winnebago Lake, Fox River, and Green Bay, which they describe in the following Boundaries, to wit: Beginning at the south end of Winnebago Lake, and running in a south-east direction to Milwanky or Nanawauky River; thence down said river to its mouth; thence north, along the shore of lake Michigan to the entrance of Green Bay; thence up and along Green Bay, Fox River, and Wennebago Lake, to the place of beginning, excluding all private land claims which the United States have heretofore confirmed and sanctioned. It is also agreed, that all the Islands which lie in Fox River and Green Bay are likewise ceded, the whole comprising by estimation 2,500,000


ART. IV. The following described tract of land, at present owned and occupied by the Menomonee Indians, shall be set apart and designated for their future homes, upon which their improvements as an agricultural people are to be made: beginning on the west side of Fox River, at the ,,Old Mill Dam," near the,,Little Kackalin," and running up and along said river to the Winnebago Lake; thence along said lake to the mouth of Fox River; thence up Fox River to the Wolf River; thence up Wolf River to a point South-west of the west corner of the tract herein designated for the New York Indians; thence north-east lo said west corner; thence south east to the place of beginning. The above reservation being made to



1831 the Menomonee Indians for the purpose of weani them from their wandering habits, by attaching the to comfortable homes, the President of the Unit States, as a mark of affection for his children of t Menomonee Tribe, will cause to be employed 5 farme of established character for capacity, industry, and mo habits, for 10 successive years, whose duty it sh be to assist the Menomonee Indians in the cultivati of their farms, and to' instruct their children in t business and occupation of farming; also, 5 femal shall be employed of like good character, for the pu pose of teaching young Menomonee women in t business of useful housewifery, during a period of years. The annual compensation allowed to the fa mers shall not exceed 500 dollars, and that of t females 300 dollars. And the United States will cau to be erected houses suited to their condition on sa lands, as soon as the Indians agree to occupy the for which 10,000 dollars shall be appropriated; houses for the farmers, for which 3,000 dollars sh be appropriated; to be expended under the directi of the Secretary of War. Whenever the Menomone thus settle their lands, they shall be supplied wi useful household articles, horses, cows, hogs, a sheep, farming utensils, and other articles of husband necessary to their comfort, to the value of 6,000 do lars; and they desire that some suitable device m be stamped upon such articles, to preserve them fro sale or barter to evil disposed White Persons: non of which, nor any other articles with which the Uni ted States may at any time furnish them, shall b liable to sale, or be disposed of or bargained, witho permission of the Agent-the whole to be under th immediate care of the farmers employed to rema among said Indians, but subject to the general co trol of the United States Indian Agent at Green Ba acting under the Secretary of War. The United St tes will erect a grist and saw mill on Fox River, f the benefit of the Menomonee Indians, and employ good miller, subject to the direction of the Agent, whos business it shall be to grind the grain required fo the use of the Menomonee Indians, and saw the lun ber necessary for building on their lands, as also t instruct such young men of the Menomonee Nation

as desire to and conveniently can be instructed in the 1831 trade of a miller. The expenses of erecting such mills and a house for the miller to reside in, shall not exceed 6,000 dollars, and the annual compensation of the miller shall be 600 dollars, to continue for 10 years. And if the mills so erected by the United States can saw more lumber or grind more grain than is required for the proper use of said Menomonee Indians, the proceeds of such milling shall be applied to the payment of other expenses occurring in the Green Bay Agency, under the direction of the Secretary of War.

In addition to the above provision made for the Menomonee Indians, the President of the United States will cause articles of clothing to be distributed among their Tribe at Green Bay, within 6 months from the date of this agreement, to the amount of 8,000 dollars, and flour and wholesome provisions to the amount of 1,000 dollars; - 1,000 dollars to be paid in specie. The cost of the transportation of the clothing and provisions to be included in the sum expended. There shall also be allowed annually thereafter, for the space of 12 successive years, to the Menomonee Tribe, in such manner and form as the President of the United States shall deem most beneficial and advantageous to the Indians, the sum of 6,000 dollars. As a matter of great importance to the Menomonees, there shall be one or more gun and blacksmith's shops erected, to be supplied with a necessary quantity of iron and steel, which, with a shop at Green Bay, shall be kept up for the use of the Tribe, and continued at the discretion of the President of the United States. There shall also be a house for an Interpreter to reside in, erected at Green Bay, the expenses not to exceed 500 dollars.

V. In the Treaty of Butte des Morts, concluded August, 1827, an Article is contained, appropriating 1,500 dollars annually for the support of Schools in the Menomonee Country. And the Representatives of the Menomonee Nation who are Parties hereto, require, and it is agreed to, that said appropriation, shall be increased 500 dollars, and continued for 10 years from this date, to be placed in the hands of the Secretary at War, in trust for the exclusive use

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