Recueil des principaux traités d'alliance, de paix, de trêve, Volume 4

Front Cover
Georg Friedrich Martens, Friedrich Saalfeld, Karl von Martens
J.C. Dieterich, 1795 - Europe

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Page 181 - ... ou indirectement -, en quelque forte & manière que ce foit ; en témoin de quoi nous avons fait mettre notre fcel à ces Préfentes.
Page 289 - Chapter the seventh, it is enacted that the Lord High Admiral of Great Britain or the Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain for the time being or any three or more of them or...
Page 420 - New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the three lower counties on Delaware, Maryland...
Page 420 - ... any Commissioner or Commissioners named, or to be named, by the said Colonies or Plantations, or with any Body or Bodies, Corporate or Politic, or any Assembly or Assemblies, or Description of Men, or any Person or Persons whatsoever, a Peace or a Truce with the said Colonies or Plantations, or any of them, or any part or parts thereof, any Law, Act or Acts of Parliament, Matter or Thing to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.
Page 433 - English are to pay the same duties, for provisions or refreshments , as the merchants of other Christian nations. And we grant the English leave to take on board mules from all our ports , paying ten cobbs duty for every mule ; and they are allowed 300 weight of barley for each mule. These are our orders. The 23d day of the month Jumet , 2d in the year of God 1 1 97. Thanks be to God alone.
Page 175 - ROI. lOUIS par la grâce de Dieu Roi de France & de Navarre: A tous ceux qui ces préfentes Lettres verront, Salut.
Page 26 - Algier, that they fhall be fuffered to pafs free and unmolefted. Confirmed and fealed in the warlike city and kingdom of Algier, in the prefence of Almighty God, the fourteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord Jefus Chrift one thoufand feven hundred and fixty-two, and in the year of the Hegira 1175, and the 2i ft day of the moon Cheval.
Page 193 - SM, ou qui n'auront pas à bord le rôle d'équipage arrêté par les officiers publics des lieux neutres d'où les bâtiments seront partis.
Page 9 - Morocco, fhall happen to die, the governor of the place where it happens fhall be obliged to fee all his goods and effects delivered into the hands of his...
Page 288 - ... by any of his Majefty's enemies, and at any time afterwards again furprized and re-taken by any of his Majefty's...