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11. Dumanoir's formal reply to the charges against him.

12. Affidavit of the chief notary of the Council that all papers concerning Natchez had been entrusted to the Sieur Kolly, and had been lost in the massacre at that place. Signed Rossard, New Orleans, March 16, 1731.

13. Procès verbal and inventory of the effects of Dumanoir, by Antoine Brusté, and approval of the seizure upon request of the settlers, signed by De Lachaise, and witnessed by Rossard and Macmahon, March 15, 1727.

14. Extract from a report, very optimistic in tone, from Dumanoir to the company, Natchez, July 18, 1721.

15. Revocation, on the plea of the owners, of Dumanoir's agency, and appointment of the Sieur de Mandeville, dated Paris, May 19, 1727.

16. Procuration to Dumanoir from the owners, Paris, December 29, 1719.

18. Order of the Council of State and of the King (March 5th and July 24, 1730), taking into the hands of Royal Commissioners the settlement of the dispute between those interested in the Concession Ste. Catherine and Dumanoir.

It will be seen from this summary that the volume contains items of much interest. The dry records of statistical reports are from time to time enlivened by Indian outbreaks, of which we happily can have no personal experience, and also by the misdeeds and squabbles of officials, of which it may be we can find illustrations in more recent history. Should time permit, it would be a pleasure in a future report to give a more careful analysis of the contents of other volumes. And I should suggest that our publications would be much enriched if some of the more important narratives in these documents could be included.

Respectfully submitted,

PIERCE BUTLER, Corresponding Secretary.


Act of Incorporation, Officers, Committees and Members.

The Louisiana Historical Society was organized January 15th, 1836, and was reorganized in June, 1846. The Society was incorporated by the Legislature of Louisiana by Act No. 6, approved January 16th, 1860, which was re-enacted as follows:

[blocks in formation]

To amend and re-enact an Act entitled "An Act to incorporate The Louisiana Historical Society," approved January sixteen, one thousand eight hundred and sixty.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana in General Assembly convened, That the following named persons, viz: Charles Gayarré, Francis T. Nicholls, Louis A. Wiltz, Robert M. Lusher, E. T. Merrick, W. W. Howe, George W. Cable, B. J. Sage, H. B. Magruder, William Walker, F. L. Richardson, Joseph A. Quintero, George A. Pike, Alexander Dimitry and J. D. Bruns, of the City of New Orleans; William B. Egan, N. C. Blanchard and F. J. Alcocke, of the Parish of Caddo; D. C. Montan and J. M. Williams, of the Parish of East Baton Rogue; and such others as may hereafter be legally chosen, shall be and are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic to be know and called by the name of "The Louisiana Historical Society."

Section 2. Be it further enacted, etc., That the object of this Society shall be the collecting and preserving facts, documents, records and memorials relating to the natural, aboriginal and civil history of the State; and that, for the better preservation of the same, room shall be granted for the use of said Society in the building now appropriated to the use of the State Library.

Section 3. Be it further enacted, etc., That the domicil of said Society shall be in the City of New Orleans. It may have a corporate seal, which may be altered or changed at pleasure,

may sue and be sued, may take and hold real or personal estate, whether by gift, grant or devise, and generally have and enjoy all the rights and privileges to which similar institutions are by law entitled. All notices and citations shall be served upon the president or presiding officer of said Society.

Section 4. Be it further enacted, etc., That any five of the persons named in the first section of this Act, may constitute a quorum for the organization of this Society, and shall have power to adopt a constitution and by-laws for the legitimate transaction of the business of the same.

Section 5. Be it further enacted, etc., That in the event of a dissolution of this Society, all books, maps, records, manuscripts and collections shall revert to the State of Louisiana for the use of the State Library.

Section 6. Be it further enacted, etc., That branches of the State Society may be formed in any part of the State.

Section 7. Be it further enacted, etc., That all laws or parts of laws contrary to the provisions of this Act be and the same are hereby repealed, and this act shall take effect from and after its passage.

[blocks in formation]




MR. CHARLES T. SONIAT, First Vice-President.
MR. GASPAR CUSACHS, Second Vice-President.

PROF. ARTHUR T. PRESCOTT, Third Vice-President.

MR. CHARLES G. GILL, Recording Secretary.

PROF. PIERCE BUTLER, Corresponding Secretary and Librarian. MR. WILLIAM O. HART, Treasurer, 134 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, La.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The officers of the Society.


WORK AND ARCHIVES COMMITTEE Prof. Alcée Fortier, officio chairman; Prof. Henry M. Gill, Thomas P. Thompson, Chas. F. Soniat, Chas. G. Gill.

FINANCE COMMITTEE John F. Couret, Chairman; Frank E. Bernard, Thomas McC. Hyman.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Judge Henry Renshaw, Chairman; Mrs. D. A. S. Vaught, Col. James D. Hill.

Agar, Mr. William.


Aldrich, Prof. Morton A.
Augustin, Mr. James M.
Avery, Prof. W. J., Lafayette,

Baker, Mr. Page M.
Baldwin, Mrs. Albert.
Baldwin, Mr. Albert, Jr.
Baldwin, Mr. Harry F.
Baldwin, Mrs. H. F.

Baldwin, Mr. J. P.

Ballard, Miss Jeanette.

Barrow, Mr. W. M., Baton
Rouge, La.
Beer, Mr. William.

Behan, Gen. W. J.
Behan, Mrs. W. J.
Behrman, Hon. Martin.
Bernard, Mr. Frank E.
Beugnot, Mrs. Aimée.
Blair, Mr. J. P.
Blake, Mrs. F. P.
Blakely, Mr. A. R.
Blanchard, Gov. N. C.
Brady, Dr. C. Milo.

Breaux, Chief Justice Jos. A.
Breazeale, Hon. Phanor, Nat-
chitoches, La.

Bremer, Miss Cora.

Brockmeier, Rev. Francis C.

Broussard, Hon. Robert F.
Browne, Mr. Richard H.
Bruenn, Mr. Bernard.
Buck, Mr. Charles F.
Burnette, Prof. F. H.
Bush, Mr. Reuben G.
Bush, Mrs. Reuben.
Butler, Prof. Pierce.
Callan, Dr. John.
Cenas, Miss Clarisse.
Chouteau, Mr. Pierre, St.
Louis, Mo.

Claiborne, Mr. Charles F.
Claiborne, Mrs. W. C. C.
Cline, Dr. Isaac M.
Collins, Mr. Conrad G.
Couret, Mr. John F.
Crabites, Mr. Pierre.
Craighead, Dr. E. B.
Cruzat, Mr. J. W.
Cusachs, Mr. Gaspar.
Cusack, Miss Marcella.
Dart, Mr. Henry P.

Davis, Mrs. Mollie E. M.
Deiler, Prof. J. Hanno.

De la Vergne, Col. Hugues J.
Denegre, Miss Amèlie.

Denegre, Mrs. George.

Denegre, Mr. Walter D.
Dillard, Prof. James H.
Dixon, Prof. Brandt V. B.
Dupré, Hon. H. Garland.
Dupré, Miss Louise.

*Durel, Prof. L. C.

Dymond, Miss Florence.

Dymond, Hon. John, Belair,

Dymond, Mr. John, Jr.
Elder, Mrs. Susan, B.
Estopinal, Hon. Albert.
Farrar, Mr. Edgar H.
Favrot, Mr. C. A.
Fenner, Mr. Charles E.
Fernandez, Mr. Gabriel, Jr.


*Ficklen, Prof. John R.
Fleming, Prof. W. L.
Fortier, Prof. Alcée.
Fortier, Mrs. L. Augustin.
Fournier, Mrs. Josephine E.
Frankenbush, J. W.

Gill, Mr. Charles G.
Gill, Prof. Henry M.
Gosserand, Mr. H. L.
Graham, Mrs. Louise.
Grima, Mr. Edgar.

Gunby, Mr. A. A., Monroe, La.
Harrod, Major B. M.

Hart, Mr. Frank.

Hart, Mr. William O.
Heller, Rev. Max.
Henderson, Miss Sarah.
Herron, Miss N.

Hill, Col. James D.
Hincks, Mrs. J. A.

Hirsch, Mrs. Cerf.

Hodges, Lieut. C. B.

Howard, Mr. Harry T.
Howe, Hon. William W.
Hudson, Major E. M.
Hughes, Hon. William L.
Hunsicker, Mr. Henry, Shreve-
port, La.

Hyman, Hon. Thomas McC.

Isaacson, Major Alfred H.

Jones, Dr. E. W.

Jones, Mrs. Joseph.

Jones, Miss Rebecca.

Johnson, Mr. B. F., Washington, D. C.

Johnston, Mrs. W. P.
Joubert, Mr. Leon.

Kenner, Mr. Hiddleston.
Kernan, Mr. Benjamin W.
Kernion, Mr. George C. H.
Kerr, Mr. Frank M.
King, Judge Fred D.
King, Miss Grace.

King, Miss N.

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