British and Foreign State Papers, Volume 13

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1848 - Great Britain
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Page 897 - Adams, President of The United States, have caused the said Convention to be made public, to the end that the same, and every Clause and Article thereof, may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by The United States, and the Citizens thereof. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set
Page 361 - British Possessions abroad to be carried to any Foreign Country whatever. And the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, and the Right Honourable Earl Bathurst, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, are to give the necessary directions herein as to them may respectively appertain. JAS. BULLER.
Page 845 - for the Citizens aforesaid to sail with the Ships and merchandise before mentioned, and to trade with the same liberty and security from the Places, Ports, and Havens of those who are Enemies of both or either Party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the Places of the Enemy, beforementioned, to
Page 843 - Citizens of each of the Contracting Parties shall have power to dispose of their personal goods within the jurisdiction of the other, by sale, donation, testament, or otherwise, and their Representatives, being Citizens of the other Party, shall succeed to their said personal goods, whether by testament or ab intestato, and they may take possession thereof, either
Page 617 - the produce or manufacture thereof, imported in the same, the President is hereby authorized to issue his Proclamation, declaring that the foreign discriminating Duties of Tonnage and Impost, within The United States, are, and shall be, suspended, and discontinued, so far as respects the Vessel of the said Nation and the
Page 839 - to other Nations, in respect of Commerce and Navigation, which shall not immediately become common to the other Party, who shall enjoy the same freely, if the concession was freely made, or on allowing the same compensation, if the concession was conditional.
Page 11 - Majesty :— Who, after having communicated to each other their respective Full Powers, found to be in due and proper form, have agreed upon and concluded the following Articles: ARTICLE I. The several Stipulations contained in the Declarations exchanged between the Plenipotentiaries of His Majesty The King of the United
Page 897 - to which Inhabitants, Native and Foreign, of the Country in which such Consuls reside, are subject; being in everything besides subject to the Laws of the respective States. The Archives and Papers of the Consulate shall be respected inviolably, and, under no pretext whatever, shall any Magistrate seize or in any way interfere with them.
Page 677 - particuliers d'instruction et sur les élèves qui fréquentent les Ecoles publiques ; Des taxes imposées, avec l'autorisation du Gouvernement, pour la conservation et la réparation des digues et autres ouvrages d'art intéressant les communautés de propriétaires ou d'habitans, et des taxes pour les travaux de dessèchement autorisés
Page 506 - 1819, between The United States and Spain, the Boundary Line between the Two Countries was fixed, in part, along the Southern Bank of the Arkansas, to its source, in Latitude 42 degrees North, and thence by that parallel of Latitude, to the South Sea;

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