A Voyage to the East Indies: Containing Authentic Accounts of the Mogul Government in General, the Viceroyalties of the Decan and Bengal, with Their Several Subordinate Dependencies ...

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S. Hooper, 1772 - India
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Page 476 - Decan ; and both parties shall renounce all demands and pretensions of satisfaction with which they might charge each other, or their Indian allies, for the depredations or pillage committed on the one side or on the other during the war.
Page 130 - ... officer lawfully authorized by the government of the French Republic, shall be made in the same manner that it was ceded by France to his majesty, by virtue of which the limits of both shores of the river St. Louis or Mississippi shall remain as irrevocably fixed by the seventh article of the definitive treaty of peace concluded at Paris on the 10th of February, 1763, and consequently the settlements from the river Manchack, or Iberville, to the line which divides the American territory from...
Page 206 - Auguft, as to return te his work. In the mean time, the ftores which they had faved from the wreck were fo near exhaufted, that they came to an allowance of two ounces of bread a man per day, and had no fait pork, except what they were determined to keep to victual their boat; water aifo fell Ihort.
Page 463 - Cawn, informing him, he was ready to fend him " the feals and all the enfigns of dignity, and to order the Nobut to be " ftruck up in his name ; provided he would agree to take the whole " charge of government upon him, to difcharge all the arrears due to. " the troops, to pay the ufual revenues to the King, to fave his life and " honour, and give him an allowance fufficient for his maintenance. All " thefe conditions being agreed to, Coffim Ally Cawn was proclaimed, " and the old Nabob came out...
Page 245 - Air, air !' was the general cry. Every insult that could be devised against the guard ; all the opprobrious names that the viceroy and his officers could be loaded with, were repeated to provoke the guard to fire upon them.
Page 444 - THE objection and pretence of force and violence may be made ufe of to evade any military agreements whatfoever, where the two parties do not treat upon an equality ; for who, in war, will fubmit to an inconvenient and prejudicial compact...
Page 440 - THAT the ufe and exercife of the ceconomical government of the city may remain in its fame freedom and liberty. — Granted. X. THAT the authority, as well political as civil, may ftill remain in the hands of the royal audience, to the end that, by their means, a flop may be put to all diforders, and the infolent and guilty be chaftifed.
Page 441 - Propositions contained in the Paper delivered on the Part of His Excellency the Governor and His Council will be Listened to and Confirmed to them upon their payment of four millions of Dollars, the Half to be Paid Immediately, the other Half to be Paid in a time to be agreed upon [and hostages and security Given for that Purpose.
Page 211 - The grabs have rarely more than two masts, although some have three ; those of three are about 300 tons burthen, but the others are not more than 150. They are built to draw very little water, being very broad in proportion to their length, narrowing however from the middle to the end, where instead of bows they have a prow, projecting like that of a Mediterranean galley...
Page iii - There are alfo among the woods and mountainous parts of the country feveral petty princes, or heads of dan.s, diftinguifhed by the name 'of Polygars.

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