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Vitrolles, Baron de : 91.

Vivonne, duc de : 93, 100, 128, 162,

Voisenon, abbé: 105.

Voltaire: 18, 63, 82, 89, 98, 99,

102, 108, 111, 115, 119, 156,
160, 161, 239.

Wagner, R. W.: 204.

Waldemar, Prince: 205.
Waller, Edmund: 21, 51.
Wallis, Count: 207.

Walpole, Horace: 21, 23, 59, 67.
Walpole, Sir Robert: 6, 7, 11, 14,

19, 28, 49, 68.

Walpole, Spencer Horatio: 14.
7-Index Sayings.
Warburton, Bishop: 49.

Warham, W. (Archbp. of Canter-
bury): 57.

Warren, Commodore: 37.
Warwick, Lord: 29.

Washington, George: 30, 37, 40,

71, 74.

Watts, Dr. Isaac: 24.
Webster, Daniel: 5, 19, 21, 23, 27,
34. 40, 42, 48, 54, 57, 64, 65,
Wedgwood, Josiah : 5.
Wellington, Duke of: 1, 6, 8, 9,

12, 14, 20, 28, 31, 33, 36, 41,
44, 45, 46, 47, 51, 59, 60, 61,
62, 65, 72, 74, 75, 76, 80, 145,
159, 210.

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202, 204.

Wilhelm III: III, 194.
Wilkes, John 16, 76.
Willard, F. W. : 21.

William I. (the Conqueror): 115,
William II: 31.

William III: 10, 16, 21, 38, 59.
William IV: 37.

William of Wykeham: 42.
William the Silent: 82, 247.

Windham, William : 48.

Windthorst, Dr.: 201.

Winthrop, R. C. : 8.

Wishart, George: 24, 25.

Wolcot, John (Peter Pindar): 17.
Wolfe, Rev. Charles: 10.
Wolfe, Gen. James: 39, 46.
Wollstonecraft, Mary: 30.

Wolsey, Cardinal: 15, 16, 20, 240.
Woolton, John: 1.
Wordsworth, William: 21, 34, 38,
50, 67, 72.

Wolton, Sir H: 14, 33, 244.
Woulfe, Chief Baron : 52.
Wyatt, Sir Thomas (the younger):
Wycherley, William : 52.

Xenocrates: 216, 230.
Xerxes: 218.

Ximenes, Cardinal F.: 250.

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Third Edition. Small Demy 8vo. 7s. 6d.

nost extensive Dictionary of Quotations yet supplied, and, thanks to its ent and its Indexes to Authors and Words, it simplilies greatly the task of "-Notes and Queries.

ok of English Quotations can be at all compared to the present, either in in accuracy. . . . If the succeeding volumes in any degree reach the high xcellence and of accuracy to be found in the present work, Colonel Dalbiac llow-writer will have accomplished an invaluable work."-Morning Post.

e of curious inquiry. . . . A very industrious and entertaining companion."

date and admirably explicit in the matter of references."-Pall Mall Gazette. notations have been selected with excellent judgment, and they are given rkable accuracy; indeed, in all respects the book is the best of the kind that n."-Truth.

edly a work to possess. '-Publishers' Circular.

Ar an approach to the ideal work as one might wish for."-Nottingham Express. Remarkably comprehensive."-Daily Telegraph.

An improvement upon Bartlett's and other well-known works."-Times.

"A very useful book, which will furnish valuable services to every teacher and friend of English."—Anglia (translated).

The fulness and accuracy of its references make it worthy of a place in every library where scholarship is valued."--Scotsman.

"A work which must have entailed a vast amount of patient and intelligent labour, and which, in addition to the intrinsic interest which it possesses, cannot fail to be of service to a very wide section of the cultured public."-Glasgow Herald.

"This Dictionary of Quotations is a distinct advance on all its predecessors in that it gives the fullest possible reference to chapter and verse for each quotation."—Journal of Education.

"An excellent cóllection in prose and verse. There is nothing superfluous in the quotations; there are few quotations unworthy of their place, and really obvious omissions are few in number."-Yorkshire Post.

The result is a handsome volume of 528 pages, which will probably displace many other and older compilations."-Educational Review.

T. B.

Second Edition.



Small Demy 8vo.

78. 6d. "In point of execution and general get-up the volume leaves little to be desired."— Bristol Times.

"The work is far and away the very best of its kind for two reasons. It is the most comprehensive and the most accurate of all such works, and, what is more, it often brings the reader back from a stereotyped, erroneous form of the quotation to its correct and original form."-Morning Post.

"The work appears to us altogether admirable in method and execution."-University Correspondent.

"A perusal of Mr Harbottle's book has afforded us unwonted pleasure, and we shall give it a place at our elbow for future use."- Literary World.

"Invaluable to authors and readers."- Educational Review.

"A more comprehensive collection than any we have seen."-Athenæum.

"The book is well done."-Times.

"Is marked by praiseworthy fulness of material and neatness of arrangement."World.

"The scholar is to be congratulated upon the appearance of this second volume. It will greatly facilitate the task of research, and forms an indispensable portion of the student's library. He that hath but few books is bound to have this."-Notes and Queries.

"The most complete, the most handy, and the most correctly-printed book of its kind."-Glasgow Herald,

"Remarkably complete, accuracy has been well studied."--Pall Mall Gazette. "The most complete book of its kind yet published."-Alma Mater.




Small Demy 8vo.

78. 6d.

"A very interesting and valuable book. The best informed of us may learn something, probably a good deal, from it."-Spectator.

"It provides for a felt want.'"-Literature.

"The compilation has been made with every care, and the volume could not but enrich any reference library."-Scotsman.

"The range is wide and the translations are wide, and in some cases even scholarly." -Saturday Review.

"Admirably rich in both Italian and French Quotations."-Notes and Queries.

"The accuracy distinguishing previous numbers of this series is also noticeable here."-Bookseller.

"The collection is extensive, and the book will certainly be found very useful.”— Liverpool Post.

"Messrs Harbottle and Dalbiac have produced a very useful and interesting book. An enterprise of this kind bears evidence of immense labour; the rendering of the original into English is for the most part accurate and polished and the arrangement and indexing very clear."-Speaker.

"A very useful compilation."-Times of India.



Small Demy 8vo.

78. 6d.

"This volume should be of very great service to all classes of readers. .. The work should take a place on the shelf of indispensable elbow books."-Literary World. "It is only by continued use that the excellences and defects of such a compilation become known, but we have applied several tests with satisfactory results."-Manchester Guardian.

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