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THESE two volumes were, for the most part, written and in the hands of the publisher some months since; and it was only the desire to be perfectly accurate in certain details, to ascertain which a visit to Paris was necessary, that delayed their appearance. These form the necessary continuation to the two volumes published a year ago and called, " France Literary, Social and Political." The new title now added is given in consequence of the author having considered its former omission an error-which it was more essential to rectify in that part of the work which related to recent institutions, than it could have been in the preceding part which rather treated of the effects of national character and former history.


The objection of proceeding speedily through the Press, after the unavoidable delay that has been alluded to, has occasioned some few typographical errors which the reader is requested to have the kindness to excuse. Some slight alterations, since certain passages were printed, have taken place. The suppression of the Tribune,' is one of these.

N.B.-A translation of all French words or sentences not translated in foot notes, is to be found at the end of the volume that contains them.

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