The Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster: Speeches in Congress, etc

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Little, Brown, 1903 - United States
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Page 145 - the simplest rule will be, that the vessel being American shall be evidence that the seamen on board are such.' " Fifty years' experience, the utter failure of many negotiations, and a careful reconsideration now had of the whole subject, at a moment • See Appendix to this Speech, No. II.
Page 181 - or produced, as the case may be; and to add thereto all costs and charges which, under existing laws, would form part of the true value at the port where the same may be entered, upon which the duties should be assessed. And it shall be the duty of
Page 82 - The fifth was, " Are the rivers which discharge their waters into the Bay of Fundy rivers ' which fall into the Atlantic Ocean,' in the sense of the terms used in the treaty ? " The fifth article of the treaty between the United States and Great Britain of the 19th of November, 1794, after reciting, that doubts had " arisen what river was truly intended under the name of the River St.
Page 181 - the actual value to be appraised, estimated, and ascertained, as hereinbefore stated, of any goods, wares, and merchandise imported into the United States, and subject to any ad valorem duty, or whereon the duty is regulated by,
Page 96 - and there hold solemn and scientific arbitration on the question of a boundary line, in one of the deepest wildernesses of North America! Sir, I do not know what might have happened, if this project had gone on. Possibly, Sir, but that your country has called you to higher duties, you might now have been at Frankfort on the
Page 136 - his knowledge from the printed speech ; but in that there is not the slightest reference to Oregon. He says further, that my speech at Baltimore contained a strong recommendation of a commercial treaty with England. Why, Sir, a commercial treaty with England to regulate the subjects upon which I
Page 175 - have no doubt of the authority from which 1 received this information, but I do not wish to be quoted for it. " I have thought you might be pleased to know this fact, as the fraud is so great, and the perpetrator beyond the reach of any penal statutes of this country. " Your most obedient servant,
Page 126 - of their superior authorities, this fact has not been before communicated to the government of the United States by a person authorized to make the admission ; and it will be for the court, which has taken cognizance of the offence with which Mr. McLeod is charged, to decide upon its validity when legally established before it'; and adds :

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