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Page 13 - ... When a ship shall have entered a port or place of refuge, or shall have returned to her port or place of loading in consequence of accident, sacrifice or other extraordinary circumstances, which render that necessary for the common safety, the expenses of entering such port or place shall be admitted as general average; and when she shall have sailed thence with her original cargo, or a part of it...
Page 13 - RULE XVII. — CONTRIBUTORY VALUES. The contribution to a general average shall be made upon the actual values of the property at the termination of the adventure.
Page 12 - Damage done to a ship and cargo, or either of them, by or in consequence of a sacrifice made for the common safety, and by water which goes down a ship's hatches opened or other opening made for the purpose of making a jettison for the common safety, shall be made good as general average.
Page 12 - Wreck Loss or damage caused by cutting away the wreck or remains of spars or of other things which have previously been carried away by sea-peril, shall not be made good as general average.
Page 25 - A of this Act, without the same being duly stamped, or having thereupon an adhesive stamp for denoting the tax chargeable thereon, and canceled in the manner required by law, with intent to evade the provisions of this Act...
Page 12 - No jettison of deck cargo shall be made good as general average. Every structure not built in with the frame of the vessel shall be considered to be a part of the deck of the vessel.
Page 136 - Government may appoint, a majority of the members present being necessary to constitute an election, and such officers shall continue in office for the term of one year, or until their successors are elected and qualified to take their places.
Page 12 - When a ship is intentionally run on shore because she is sinking or driving on shore or rocks, no damage caused to the ship, the cargo, and the freight, or any or either of them, by such intentional running on shore, shall be good as general average.
Page 13 - ... such cargo on board the said ship, together with all storage charges on such cargo, shall likewise be so admitted. But when the ship is condemned or does not proceed on her original voyage, no storage expenses incurred after the date of the ship's condemnation or of the abandonment of the voyage shall be admitted as general average.
Page 13 - ... and have not been allowed as general average; deduction being also made from the value of the property of all charges incurred in respect thereof subsequently to the general average act, except such charges as are allowed in general average. Passengers' luggage and personal effects not shipped under bill of lading shall not contribute in general average.

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