Memoirs of Literature, Volume 6

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R. Knaplock, 1722 - Bibliography
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Page 164 - If there had been but one manuscript of the Greek Testament at the restoration of learning about two centuries ago, then we had had no various readings at all. And would the text be in a better condition then than now we have 30,000 ? So far from that, that in the best single copy extant we should have had hundreds of faults, and some omissions irreparable. Besides that the suspicions of fraud and foul play would have been increased immensely.
Page 452 - Schemes, or any other Method than that of the infinite Lord of the World, this...
Page 165 - ... like to continue, a mere heap of errors. On the contrary, where the copies of any author are numerous, though the various readings always increase in proportion, there the text, by an accurate collation of them made by skilful and judicious hands, is ever the more correct, and comes nearer to the true words of the author.
Page 59 - Be substantially great in thyself, and more than thou appearest unto others ; and let the World be deceived in thee, as they are in the Lights of Heaven.
Page 452 - Female; but all would have been turned topsy-turvy, by being exposed to the Malice of the Envious and ill-Natured, to the Fraud and Violence of Knaves and Robbers, to the Forgeries of the crafty Cheat, to the Lusts of the Effeminate and Debauched, and what not!
Page 165 - Testament are still amongst us ; some procured from Egypt, others from Asia, others found in the Western churches. For the very distances of places as well as numbers of the books demonstrate, that there could be no collusion, no altering nor interpolating one copy by another, nor all by any of them.
Page 166 - Hence the reader not versed in ancient manuscripts is deceived into an opinion, that there were no more variations in the copies, than what the editor has communicated. Whereas, if the like scrupulousness was observed in registering the smallest changes in profane authors, as is allowed, nay required in sacred, the now formidable number of thirty thousand would appear a very trifle.
Page 252 - Ghost deriving their divinity from him; the Son immediately from the Father, the Holy Ghost from the Father and the Son, or from the Father by the Son.
Page 447 - World would be too much over-run ; or if the Age of Man was limited to that of divers other Animals, to ten, twenty, or thirty Years only ; the Decays then of Mankind would be too faft : But at the middle Rate mentioned, the .Balance is nearly even, and Life and Death keep an equal Pace.

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