Three Years with the Duke, Or Wellington in Private Life

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Saunders, 1853 - 272 pages

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Page 132 - Français! en commençant la guerre pour soutenir l'indépendance nationale, je comptais sur la réunion de tous les efforts, de toutes les volontés et le concours de toutes les autorités nationales. J'étais fondé à en espérer le succès , et j'avais bravé toutes les déclarations des puissances contre moi; les circonstances paraissent changées, je m'offre en sacrifice à la haine des ennemis de la France.
Page 136 - Farewell to thee, France ! — but when Liberty rallies Once more in thy regions, remember me then — The violet still grows in the depth of thy valleys ; Though withered, thy tears will unfold it again — Yet, yet, I may baffle the hosts that surround us, And yet may thy heart leap awake to my voice — There are links which must break in the chain that has bound us...
Page 112 - Let us march, then, to meet them. Are they and we no longer the same men ? Soldiers, at Jena, against these same Prussians, now so arrogant, you were one against three, and at Montmirail one against six...
Page 264 - Cantillon, who has undergone a trial upon a charge of having endeavoured to assassinate Lord Wellington, of which he was pronounced innocent. Cantillon had as much right to assassinate that oligarchist as the latter had to send me to perish upon the rock of St. Helena.
Page 111 - Les insensés ! un moment de prospérité les aveugle. L'oppression et l'humiliation du peuple français sont hors de leur pouvoir ! S'ils entrent en France, ils y trouveront leur tombeau. " Soldats ! nous avons des marches forcées à faire, des batailles à livrer, des périls à courir ; mais avec de la constance, la victoire sera à nous; les droits, l'honneur et le bonheur de la patrie seront reconquis ! " Pour tout Français qui a du cœur, le moment est arrivé de vaincre ou de périr.
Page 132 - ... j'étais fondé à en espérer le succès , et j'avais bravé toutes les déclarations des puissances contre moi. Les circonstances me paraissent changées. Je m'offre en sacrifice à la haine des ennemis de la France. Puissent-ils être sincères dans leurs déclarations, et n'en avoir réellement voulu qu'à ma personne!
Page 5 - ... cheers by waving his hat. The sentinels, who endeavoured to prevent them from trespassing upon this ground, were wedged among the crowd; and an officer, who, not very prudently upon such an occasion, ordered them to drive the people down with their bayonets, was compelled speedily to retreat; for the people would not be debarred from gazing, till the last moment, upon the hero — the darling hero of England!
Page 135 - I advised him to have nothing to do with so foul a transaction ; that he and I had acted too distinguished parts in these transactions to become executioners; and that I was determined that if the Sovereigns wished to put him to death they should appoint an executioner, which should not be me.
Page 252 - Billow upon the enemy's flank was a most decisive one; and, even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire if his attacks should have failed, and would have...

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