Buenos Ayres, and the provinces of the Rio de La Plata: their present state, trade, and debt

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Page 407 - in any part of the said territories respectively; also to hire and occupy houses and warehouses for the purposes of their commerce; and, generally, the merchants and traders of each nation, respectively, shall enjoy the most complete protection and security for their commerce; subject always to the laws and statutes of the two countries respectively. ARTICLE III.
Page 410 - X. It shall be free for each of the two contracting parties to appoint consuls for the protection of trade, to reside in the dominions and territories of the other party; but before any consul shall act as such, he shall, in the usual form, be approved and admitted by the government to which he is sent,
Page 408 - article the growth, produce, or manufacture of His Britannic Majesty's dominions, whether such importation shall be in vessels of the said United Provinces, or in British vessels; and the same duties shall be paid on the importation into the dominions of His Britannic Majesty
Page 412 - Majesty for the completion of so beneficent a work, and to prohibit all persons inhabiting within the said United Provinces, or subject to their jurisdiction, in the most effectual manner, and by the most solemn laws, from taking any share in such trade. ARTICLE
Page 411 - and either of the contracting parties may except from the residence of consuls such particular places as either of them may judge fit to be so excepted. ARTICLE
Page 411 - against the laws; and their effects and property, whether entrusted to individuals or to the state, shall not be Liable to seizure or sequestration, or to any other demands than those which may be made upon the like effects or property, belonging to the native inhabitants of the state in which such subjects or citizens may reside. ARTICLE XII. The subjects of His Britannic Majesty residing in the United
Page 408 - importation of any articles the growth, produce, or manufacture of His Britannic Majesty's dominions, or of the said United Provinces, which shall not equally extend to all other nations. ARTICLE V. No higher or other duties or charges on account of tonnage, light, or harbour dues, pilotage, salvage in case of damage or shipwreck, or any other local charges, shall be imposed, in any of the ports of
Page 412 - ARTICLE XV. The present treaty shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged in London within four months, or sooner if possible. In witness whereof the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed their seals thereunto. Done at Buenos Ayres, the second day of February, in the year of
Page 408 - tons, than those payable, in the same ports, by vessels of the said United Provinces of the same burthen; nor in the ports of any of His Britannic Majesty's territories, on the vessels of the United Provinces of above one hundred and twenty tons, than shall be payable, in the same ports, on British vessels of the same burthen.
Page 412 - establish and maintain. In the like manner, the citizens of the said United Provinces shall enjoy, within all the dominions of His Britannic Majesty, a perfect and unrestrained liberty of conscience, and of exercising their religion publicly or privately, within their own dwelling-houses, or in the chapels and places of worship appointed for that purpose, agreeably to the system of toleration established in the dominions of his said Majesty.

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