Commentaries Upon International Law, Volume 3

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Page 597 - The neutral flag covers enemy's goods, with the exception of contraband of war. 3. Neutral goods, with the exception of contraband of war, are not liable to capture under the enemy's flag.
Page 558 - Washington within six months from the date hereof, or earlier if possible. In faith whereof, we, the respective Plenipotentiaries, have signed this treaty and have hereunto affixed our seals. Done in duplicate at Paris, the tenth day of December, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight.
Page 255 - But there is nothing in our laws, or in the law of nations, that forbids our citizens from sending armed vessels, as well as munitions of war, to foreign ports for sale. It is a commercial adventure which no nation is bound to prohibit, and which only exposes the persons engaged in it to the penalty of confiscation.
Page 575 - His Majesty the Emperor of the French, His Majesty the King of Prussia, His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, and His Majesty the King of Sardinia, declare the Sublime Porte admitted to participate in the advantages of the public law and system (concert) of Europe.
Page 560 - The Commissioners so named shall meet in the city of Halifax, in the Province of Nova Scotia, at the earliest convenient period after they have been respectively named, and shall, before proceeding to any business, make and subscribe a solemn declaration that they will impartially and carefully examine and decide the matters referred to them to the best of their judgment, and according to justice and equity ; and such declaration shall be entered on the record of their proceedings.
Page 565 - Sa Majesté Impériale le Sultan, dans sa constante sollicitude pour le bien-être de ses sujets, ayant octroyé un Firman qui, en améliorant leur sort, sans distinction de religion ni de race, consacre ses généreuses intentions envers les populations chrétiennes de son Empire , et voulant donner un nouveau témoignage de ses sentiments à cet égard , a résolu de communiquer aux Puissances contractantes ledit Firman , spontanément émané de sa volonté souveraine.
Page 566 - En conséquence, il ne sera perçu aucun péage basé uniquement sur le fait de la navigation du fleuve, ni aucun droit sur les marchandises qui se trouvent à bord des navires.
Page 574 - La présente convention, annexée au traité général signé à Paris en ce jour, sera ratifiée, et les ratifications en seront échangées dans l'espace de quatre semaines, ou plus tôt si faire se peut. En foi de quoi les plénipotentiaires respectifs l'ont signée et y ont apposé le sceau de leurs armes.
Page 382 - The seat of judicial authority is, indeed, locally here, in the belligerent country, according to the known law and practice of nations ; but the law itself has no locality. It is the duty of the person who sits here to determine this question exactly as he would determine the same question if sitting at Stockholm...
Page 565 - Sa Majesté la Reine du Royaume-Uni de la GrandeBretagne et d'Irlande, Sa Majesté le Roi de Prusse, Sa Majesté l'Empereur de toutes les Russies et Sa Majesté le Roi de Sardaigne déclarent la Sublime Porte admise à participer aux avantages du droit public et du concert européen.

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