Miscellanies, Volume 1

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1901 - Copyright
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Page xi - succeeded and Addison failed ; where Dundas succeeded and Burke failed ; where Peel now succeeds and where Mackintosh fails; where Erskine and Scarlett were dinner-bells; where Lawrence and Jekyll, the two wittiest men, or nearly so. of their time, were thought bores, is surely a very strange place.
Page 300 - 1844 On the thirteenth of February, 1844, Lord John Russell moved for a Committee of the whole House to take into consideration the state of Ireland. After a discussion of nine
Page 386 - its bray: Mr. MacNeill shudders to see more costly cheer than ever provided for the priests of Baal at the table of the Queen; and the Protestant Operatives of Dublin call for impeachments in exceedingly bad English. But what did you expect? Did
Page 3 - entrusted with the right of electing Members of the Legislature. If the laborers of England were in that state in which I, from my soul, wish to see them, if employment were always plentiful, wages always high, food always cheap, if a large family were considered not as an encumbrance
Page 158 - wanting. But it is not the less true that India is entitled to the service of the best talents which England can spare. That the average of intelligence and virtue is very high in this country is matter for honest exultation. But it is no reason for employing average men where you can obtain
Page 237 - 1841 On the twenty-ninth of January, 1841, Mr. Serjeant Talfourd obtained leave to bring in a bill to amend the law of copyright . The object of this bill was to extend the term of copyright in a book to sixty years, reckoned from the death of the writer. On the fifth of February Mr. Serjeant Talfourd moved that the
Page 684 - be also uncertain who is the wrongdoer, and whether there be any wrongdoer. The substantive civil law, in the instances which we have given, is different in different countries, and in the same country at different times. As the substantive civil law varies, the penal law, which is added
Page 43 - I will not say to save his seat, but to save his life. Yet he continued to represent Southwark, Parliament after Parliament, for many years. Such has been the conduct of the scot and lot voters of the metropolis; and there is clearly less reason to expect democratic violence from ten-pound householders than from
Page 127 - But let not us, mistaking her character and her interests, fight the battle of truth with the weapons of error, and endeavor to support by oppression that religion which first taught the human race the great lesson of universal charity. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA JULY
Page 254 - and learned friend, could render his measure supportable to me, that I must move, though with regret, that this bill be read a second time this day six months. COPYRIGHT

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