Decisions of the Supreme Court of Mauritius

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Page 18 - Il en est de même de la stipulation qui affranchirait de toute contribution aux pertes les sommes ou effets mis dans le fonds de la société par un ou plusieurs des associés.
Page 30 - No colonial law shall be or be deemed to have been void or inoperative on the ground of repugnancy to the law of England, unless the same shall be repugnant to the provisions of some such Act of Parliament Order or Regulation as aforesaid.
Page 30 - Any Colonial Law which is or shall be in any respect repugnant to the Provisions of any Act of Parliament extending to the Colony to which such Law may relate, or repugnant to any Order or Regulation made under Authority of such Act of Parliament, or having in the Colony the Force and Effect of such Act, shall be read subject to such Act, Order or Regulation, and shall, to the Extent of such Repugnancy, but not otherwise, be...
Page 42 - It is generally agreed that the law of the place where the contract is made is prima facie that which the parties intended, or ought to be presumed to have adopted, as the footing upon which they dealt, and that such law ought therefore to prevail in the absence of circumstances indicating a different intention...
Page 43 - India island, to a British subject, who knew her to be French, for a voyage from St. Marc in Hayti to Havre, London or Liverpool, at the charterer's option, and he shipped a cargo from St.
Page 79 - If it should happen, as by the introduction of other principles and operation of law it often may, that the wife has an income correspondent to her own expenses and the necessary expenses of the suit (for both must appear), there is no longer the same reason that she should be a privileged suitor. It may turn out that, on the result of the proceedings, she...
Page 30 - ... every representative legislature shall in respect to the colony under its jurisdiction have and be deemed at all times to have had full power to make laws respecting the constitution powers and procedure of such legislature.
Page 30 - ... and be entitled to exercise such and the like jurisdiction under this act, as any justice or two justices, or justices at petty sessions, have or is or are entitled to exercise under the provisions of this act ; and all acts, matters, and things competent to be done under the provisions of this act by or before any justice or two justices of the peace, or justices at petty sessions, or otherwise, may be done by and before any police and stipendiary magistrate, and in Scotland by and before any...
Page 75 - Le paiement doit être exécuté dans le lieu désigné par la convention. Si le lieu n'y est pas désigné, le paiement, lorsqu'il s'agit d'un corps certain et déterminé, doit être fait dans le lieu où était, au temps de l'obligation, la chose qui en fait l'objet. — Hors ces deux cas, le paiement doit être fait au domicile du débiteur.
Page 10 - Dans les villes et les campagnes, tout mur servant de séparation entre bâtiments jusqu'à l'héberge, ou entre cours et jardins, et même entre enclos dans les champs, est présumé mitoyen, s'il n'ya titre ou marque du contraire.

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