Das internationale öffentliche Seerecht der Gegenwart

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Mittler, 1882 - Maritime law - 425 pages
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Page 396 - port, roadstead, or waters, except in case of stress of weather, or of her requiring provisions or things necessary for the subsistence of her crew, or repairs; in either of which cases the authorities of the port, or of the nearest port (as the case may be), shall require her to put to sea as soon us
Page 396 - Ireland, or in the Channel Islands, or in any of Her Majesty's colonies or foreign possessions or dependencies, or of any waters subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the British Crown, as a station, or place of resort, for any warlike purpose, or for the purpose of obtaining any facilities of warlike
Page 417 - time when such coal may have been last supplied to her within water fs othe th United States, unless such ship of war or privateer shall, since last thus supplied, have entered a European port of the government to which she belongs. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set
Page 417 - the quantity of coal which she would be entitled to receive if dependent upon steam alone; and no coal shall be again supplied to any such ship of war or privateer in the same or any other port, harbor, roadstead, or waters of the United States, without special permission, until after the expiration of
Page 2 - royaume uni de la Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande, Sa Majesté le Roi de Prusse, Sa Majesté l'Empereur de toutes les Russies et Sa Majesté le Roi de Sardaigne déclarent la Sublime Porte admise à participer aux avantages du droit public et du concert européen.
Page 190 - ,La population d'un territoire non occupé qui, à l'approche de l'ennemi, prend spontanément les armes pour combattre les troupes d'invasion sans avoir eu le temps de s'organiser conformément à l'article 9, sera considérée comme belligérante si elle respecte les lois et coutumes de la guerre.
Page 214 - Commanders, whenever admissible, inform the enemy of their intention to bombard a place, so that the non-combatants, and especially the women and children, may be removed before the bombardment commences. But it is no infraction of the common law of war to omit thus to inform the enemy. Surprise may be a necessity.*)
Page 6 - poursuivre la consécration officielle des principes qui auront été reconnus comme étant en harmonie avec les besoins des sociétés modernes; 5° De travailler, dans les limites de sa compétence; soit au maintien de la paix, soit à l'observation des lois de la guerre; dans l'interprétation ou l'application du droit, et d'émettre, au besoin, des avis juridiques motivés dans
Page 397 - 3 months from the time when such coal may have been last supplied to her within British waters as aforesaid. 4) Armed ships of either party are interdicted from carrying prizes made by them into the ports, harbours,
Page 414 - enemy's goods, with the exception of contraband of war. 3d. That neutral goods, with the exception of contraband of war, are not liable to captare under

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