Spicilegium Syriacum: Containing Remains of Bardesan, Meliton, Ambrose and Mara Bar Serapion,

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F. and J. Rivington, 1855 - Christian literature, Early - 102 pages
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Page 53 - the Magi ; Who was pointed out by John ; Who asambled the Apostles ; Who preached the kingdom ; 'W'ho healed the maimed; Who gave light to the blind; 'Who raised the dead ; Who appeared in the Temple ;
Page 9 - But men are not governed in this manner ; but in the things belonging to their bodies they maintain their nature like animals ; and in the things which belong to their minds they do that which they wish, as being free, and with power, and as the likeness of God. For there...
Page 73 - For what advantage did the Athenians gain by the murder of Socrates, the recompense of which they received in famine and pestilence? Or the people of Samos by the burning of Pythagoras, because in one hour their country was enthely covered with sand? Or the Jews by the death of their wise king, because from that same time their kingdom was taken away...
Page 8 - ... and what is Freewill, I will proceed to inform you. The Nature of man is this; that he should be born, and grow up, and rise in stature, and beget children, and grow old by eating, and drinking, and sleeping, and waking, and that he should die. These, because they are of Nature, belong to all men, and not to all men only, but also to all animals which have a soul in them; and some of them also to trees. For this is a physical operation which performeth, and produceth, and establisheth everything...
Page 45 - Him ;2 and let all other things be esteemed by thee just as they are — images as images, and sculptures as sculptures ; and let not that which is only made be put by thee in the place of Him who is not made, but let Him, the ever-living God, be constantly present to thy...
Page 55 - The Lord was exposed with naked body : He was not deemed worthy even of covering ; and, in order that He might not be seen, the luminaries turned away, and the day became darkened, because they slew God, who hung naked on the tree. It was not the body of our Lord that the luminaries covered with darkness when they set,2 but the eyes of men.
Page 13 - ... itself is called the Fortune and the Nativity of this assemblage, which is being sifted and purified, for the assistance of that which by the favour of God and by grace has been assisted, and is being assisted, till the consummation of all.
Page 14 - Nature in everything ; for it is proper that the three things, Nature and Fortune and Free-will, should be maintained in their lives until the procession be accomplished, and the measure and number be fulfilled, as it seemed good before Him who ordained how should be the life and perfection of all creatures, and the state of all Beings and Natures.
Page 32 - What, then, shall we say respecting the new race of ourselves who are Christians, whom, in every country, and in every region the Messiah established at His coming ? For, lo ! wherever we be, all of us are called by the one name of the Messiah — Christians ; and upon one day, which is the first of the week, we assemble ourselves together, and on the appointed days we abstain from food.
Page 2 - ... thy advantage to learn from some one who is older than they ; but if to teach, it is not requisite for thee to ask them, but [rather] that thou shouldst induce them to ask thee what they wish. For teachers are asked questions, and do not themselves ask them ; or, if they ever do ask a question, it is to direct the mind of the questioner, so that he may ask properly, and they may know what his desire is. For it is a good thing that a man should know how to ask questions.

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