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may be nearest to the said Northwest Point, as well as for the purpose of running and marking the said Boundary Line between the same, 3 Commissioners, upon the demand of either Government, shall be appointed, and authorized upon their Oaths to act; and their compensation and expenses shall be ascertained and paid, and vacancies supplied, in the manner provided in respect to the Commissioners mentioned in the preceding Articles; and the Decisions and Proceedings of the said Commissioners, or of a majority of them, made and had pursuant to this Convention, shall be final and conclusive.

In faith whereof, We the Undersigned, Ministers Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty and of the United States of America, have signed this present Convention, and caused to be affixed thereto the Seals of our Arms.

Done at London, this 12th day of May, 1803. (L.S.) HAWKESBURY.


MESSAGE of the President of The United States to Congress, transmitting Correspondence with the American Commissioners at Ghent, November, December, 1814, relative to the Negotiation for Peace with Great Britain. -Washington, 16th February, 1815.

To the Senate of The United States.

I TRANSMIT to the Senate a Report of the Acting Secretary of State, complying with their Resolution of yesterday.


Report of the Acting Secretary of State.

Department of State, 16th February, 1815. THE Acting Secretary of State, to whom was referred the Resolution of the Senate of the 15th Instant, requesting "the President of The United States to cause to be laid before the Senate all Instructions given to the Envoys at Ghent, the Correspondence between the said Envoys and the Department of State, and the Correspondence and Protocols of Conference between the said Envoys and the Ministers of His Britannic Majesty, during the Negotiation at Ghent, which have not before been communicated to the Senate," has the honour to state that the Instructions to the Envoys at Ghent have heretofore been communicated to the Senate, except those of which the accompanying Papers marked A. and B. are Copies.

The Correspondence and Protocols of Conferences between the said Envoys and the Ministers of His Britannic Majesty, which have been received at this Department, and which have not heretofore been

communicated to the Senate, will be found in the accompanying Papers*.

All which is respectfully submitted.


(A.)-The Secretary of State to the American Plenipotentiaries. GENTLEMEN, Department of State, 22nd March, 1814. SHOULD a Treaty be concluded with Great Britain, and a reciprocal restitution of Territory be agreed on, you will have it in recollection that The United States had in their possession, at the commencement of the War, a Post at the mouth of the River Columbia, which commanded the River, which ought to be comprised in the Stipulation, should the Possession have been wrested from us during the War. On no pretext can the British Government set up a Claim to Territory South of the Northern Boundary of The United States. It is not believed that they have any Claim whatever to Territory on the Pacific Ocean.

You will, however, be careful, should a definition of Boundary be attempted, not to countenance in any manner, or in any quarter, a pretension in the British Government to Territory South of that Line.

I have the honour to be, &c.

The American Plenipotentiaries.


(B.)-The Secretary of State to the American Plenipotentiaries. GENTLEMEN, Department of State, 19th October, 1814.

I HAVE the honour to inform you that your Despatches by the John Adams have been received, and that your determination to reject the terms proposed by the British Commissioners is entirely approved by the President.

The importance of these Despatches, and the great probability of your Negotiation having been brought to a close, induced the President to determine on laying them before Congress immediately. This has been done, and there is every reason to believe that they are producing the best effect, in uniting all Parties in a determined resistance to the extravagant pretensions of the Enemy. It has also been judged proper to communicate to Congress, so much of the Instructions given to you by this Department, as would show the terms on which you were authorized to make Peace.

These, as well as your Communications, have been printed, and several Copies are now forwarded to you, as it is believed they may be usefully disposed of in Europe.

* Sce Vol. 1821, 1822. Page 530.

Should any circumstance have unexpectedly prolonged the Negotiation, which it is inferred from your Despatches will have been finally closed, and you find the British Commissioners disposed to agree to the status ante bellum, you will understand that you are authorized to make it the basis of a Treaty.

I have the honour to be, &c.

The American Plenipotentiaries.


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ACCOUNTS, Financial, Commercial, &c. See Great Britain.
ACT of the Conservative Senate of France. Provisional Government.

.... of the Conservative Senate.

Paris, 1st April, 1814.



Deposition of Bonaparte.

[blocks in formation]

Paris, 6th April, 1814.


.... of the Legislative Body.
.... of the Provisional Government.
.... of the Conservative Senate.

.... of the Conservative Senate and Count D'Artois. do.

Paris, 14th April, 1814. 955
.... of the British Parliament. Privileges of Foreign Ambassadors,


...1708. 993

.... Trade of Foreign Nations with British India.

.... of
.... of

.... of
.... of..


........ of

19th July, 1797. 995
Execution of Commercial Treaty with Por-
tugal, of 1810............31st May, 1811. 996
Execution of Conventions of Concert and Sub-

sidy, of 30th September, 1813, with Prussia
and Russia...... 6th December, 1813. 1292
Condemned Slave Ships......27th May, 1814. 1291
Trade between The Netherlands and Surinam,
Curaçoa, &c.....
17th June, 1814. 1285

Relief of British Shipwrecked Mariners, &c.
in Portugal.....
23rd July, 1814. 1286
Regulations relative to Aliens. 29th July, 1814. 822
... of the Supreme Junta of New Granada. Relations with Spain.
Santa Fé de Bogotá, 26th July, 1810. 1237
.... of the Diet of Switzerland. Acceptance of the Federal Compact.
Zurich, 9th September, 1814. 1178

.... of the Sublime Porte. Commerce of the Black Sea.

30th October, 1799. 766

.... of the Congress of The United States. Prohibiting Slave Trade
with Foreign Countries... 22nd March, 1794. 984
do....... do....
10th May, 1800. 985

.... of
.... of

.... of


do. do. Importation of Persons of Colour.

do. do. of Slaves.....

28th Feb. 1803. 986
. 2nd March, 1807. 988

do. Declaring War against Great Britain.

18th June, 1812. 1322


ACT of the Congress of The United States.

[blocks in formation]

.... of

.. do.



Prohibiting Trade with
Enemies of The United States.

6th July, 1812. 1323

Regulation of Seamen on board Public and
Private Vessels.
.3rd March, 1813. 1325
Prohibiting use of British Licences or Passes.

2nd August, 1813. 1328
Embargoing all Ships and Vessels in The

United States..

..17th Dec. 1813. 1331

14th April, 1814. 1343

Repeal of Embargo, and of Prohibition
against Importations from Great Britain.


ACTS of Accession to Treaties. See TREATIES.


(Additional) to Treaties. See TREATIES.

AFRICA. Exportation of Gunpowder, Arms, &c. to.

in Council....



British Orders in Council.


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ALBEMARLE SOUND, &c. British Blockade of. Proclamation of the

British Admiral....




1st September, 1813. 1363
ALGIERS. Treaties of Commerce with Great Britain; viz.:
Treaty. Peace and Commerce..Algiers, 10th April, 1682. 354
Peace and Commerce.. Algiers, 5th April, 1686. 360
Peace and Commerce.. Algiers, 17th Aug. 1700.
Additional Article.... Algiers, 10th Aug. 1701.
Peace and Commerce.. Algiers, 28th Oct. 1703.
Peace and Commerce.. Algiers, 29th Oct. 1716. 368
Peace and Commerce. Algiers, 18th March, 1729. 370
Additional Article..... Algiers, 3rd June, 1751. 371
Peace and Commerce.. Algiers, 14th May, 1762. 371
Peace and Commerce...Algiers, 3rd Aug. 1765. 372
Peace and Commerce.. Algiers, 3rd Sept. 1800. 373
.Algiers, 19th March, 1801. 374
Peace..Algiers, 14th June, 1813. 183
Peace...... Algiers, 1st Nov. 1813. 193
Liberation of Sicilian Captives.


Treaty with Portugal.
Treaty with Sicily.
Declaration of the Dey.

Algiers, 1st November, 1813. 194

Firman of The Grund Seignor. Austrian Commerce.

ALIENS. Regulations relative to.


Constantinople, February, 1814. 1180
Act of the British Parliament.

29th July, 1814. 822

AMBASSADORS, &c. Privileges of in England. Act of the British


.1708. 993

AMERICA. United States of North. See UNITED STATES.



ARTICLES, Additional, &c. See TREATIES.
AUSTRIA. Declaration of The Emperor. War against France,

Prague, 12th August, 1813. 810

Declaration of the Aliied Powers. Continuation of the
War against France... Frankfort, 1st December, 1813. 911
Declaration of the Austrian and Russian Plenipotentiaries.
Entry of the Allied Troops into Switzerland.

Zurich, 20th December, 1813. 1162

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