Report and Accompanying Papers of the Commission Appointed by the President of the United States "to Investigate and Report Upon the True Divisional Line Between the Republic of Venezuela and British Guiana."

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Page 121 - Venezuela will remain unchanged, the dispute has reached such a stage as to make it now incumbent upon the United States to take measures to determine with sufficient certainty for its justification what is the true divisional line between the Republic of Venezuela and British Guiana.
Page 357 - ... and countries of Africa, from the Tropic of Cancer to the Cape of Good Hope...
Page 73 - And among the places held by the said Lords the States, shall be comprehended the places in Brazil, which the Portuguese took out of the hands of the States, and have been in possession of ever since the year 1641, as also all the other places which they possess at present, so long as they shall continue in the hands of the said Portuguese, anything contained in the preceding Article notwithstanding.
Page 73 - ... others possessed by the one or the other Party, viz. the subjects of the said Lord the King shall not sail to, or trade in those held...
Page 47 - It was reported that the Spaniardes were gonne out of Desekebe, which was not so. * * * The next night wee had newes brought * * * that there were tenne canoas of Spaniardes in the mouth of Coritine * * * who went along the coast to buy bread and other victuals for them in Orenoque, Marowgo, and Desekebe".
Page 161 - I took possession of the Land, by Turfe and Twigge, in behalfe of our Sovereigne Lord King James : I took the said possession of a part, in name of the whole Continent of Guiana, lying betwixt the rivers of Amazones, and Orenoque, not being actually possessed, and inhabited by any other Christian Prince or State ; wherewith the Indians seemed to be well content and pleased.
Page 281 - We shall still hope to receive these, and the earlier the better, together with the reasons why you deem that everything which has happened on this side of Barima must be deemed to have occurred on territory of the Company...
Page 64 - Bowroome, and Dissekeeb, and having- touched at Tobago, in less than six months had the good fortune to be in possession of those countries, and left them garrisoned for his majesty of Great Britain, and sailed thence for Barbados, where meeting with the news of the eruption of war between the two crowns of England and France, endeavoured to persuade Francis Lord Willoughby to reduce those several small garrisons into one stronghold, and...
Page 63 - Guiana and attempted a settlement there" (this no doubt refers to a preceding paragraph, which notes an abortive settlement of Zeelanders at Cayenne in 1615), "he deserted the Spanish service, and tendered himself to his own country, which was accepted, and he dispatched from Zealand, anno 1616, with two ships and a galliot, and was the first man that took firm footing on Guiana by the good likeing of the natives, whose humours the gentleman perfectly understood.
Page 107 - Orinoco westwards along the coast of Cartagena, Portobello, Honduras, Campeche, the Gulf of Mexico, and the coast of Florida, together with all the islands situated within these limits, in order there to carry on all manner of warfare by sea and by land against the King of Spain, his subjects and allies.

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