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Kohut, G.A. Correspondence between the Jews of Walɛbe
New York & century arn.

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Genealogy of the Gomez Family in America
(Amer Jew.Hist. Society 1909)

4) Phillips, N. Taylor, Horatio Gomez

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Michael H. Cardozo


4 p.

6) Kohler, Max: The Doctrine that "Chrostianity is a part of the Common Law......... 28 p. (AJHS)

7) "Civil Status of the Jews in Colonial New York (AJHS) 2

8) The International Jew (reprint Dearborn Independent) 1920

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✓10) The Passport Question (reprint from Amer.Jew. Year Book x

5672) NxXx N.Y.1911,110

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