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ACCOUNTS, Financial, Commercial, &c. See "GREat Britain," and


ACT of the British Parliament-Austrian Loan Convention....

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Consolidation of the Slave Trade Laws 656
Newfoundland Fisheries.


....of the Congress of The United States, respecting Naturalization.. 768
ADMIRALTY. Communications from British Naval Officers.-

Slave Trade.

Instructions to do ......

1823. 635 650

.Notification of the Termination of Hostilities with Algiers,
16th Aug. 1824. 765

ALGIERS. Notification of the Blockade of, by a British Squadron,

13th April, 1824. 185

Termination of Hostilities with Great Britain, (Notification.)
16th August, 1824, 765

ALIENS. Act of the British Parliament, respecting Aliens..
....of the Congress of The United States respecting Natu-

AMERICA. United States of North America. See "UNITED STATES."
.Provinces of Central America. See "GUATEMALA."
..of South America. See "Buenos Ayres,
ARMS, Ammunition, &c.-British Orders in Council, prohibiting the


Exportation of, to Africa....


.153, 758
ARTICLES, Additional or Explanatory to Treaties, &c, See "TREATIES."
AUSTRIA. Convention with Great Britain (Austrian Loan)


Vienna, 17th Nov. 1823. 26

BLOCKADE of Algiers by a British Squadron.. Notification,

13th April, 1824. 185
BOLIVAR, General. Peruvian Decree conferring the Supreme Dictato-
rial Power on....
10th Feb. 1824. 866

BRAZIL. Speech of The Emperor on the Opening of the General Con-
stituent and Legislative Assembly....3rd May, 1823. 792
Manifesto of The Emperor, on the Dissolution of do.....
16th November, 1823. 800

Treaty for the evacuation of Monte Video by the Portuguese
....Monte Video, 18th Nov. 1823, 229

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Decree for the Election of Deputies for a Legislative Assembly.
26th March, 1824. 803
Correspondence with Great Britain, relating to the Slave
..1823-1824, 346
of the British Commissioners at Rio de Ja
neiro, (Slave Trade.).......1823–1824 425

BREMEN. British Order in Council regulating the Duties on Bremen

Vessels and Cargoes..

759 Bremen Vessels from taking Pilots. 763
BUENOS AYRES. Treaty of Friendship and Alliance with Colombia.
Buenos Ayres, 8th March, 1823 310
.Convention (Preliminary) with Spain. Suspension
of Hostilities.....Buenos Ayres, 4th July, 1823. 225
...Message of the Executive Government, on the open-

ing of the Legislative Assembly, 3rd May, 1824. 803
BURMESE. Proclamation of the Governor General of India on the War
.5th March, 1824. 849

with the.


CENTRAL AMERICA. Declaration of Independence of the United Pro-


vinces of....
..July 1, 1823. 874
Treaty with the United States. Boundaries.
Tellico, October 24, 1804. 769
CHILI. Treaty of Perpetual Union, League, and Confederation with
Colombia......... Santiago de Chili, Oct. 21, 1822 213
Decree investing the Supreme Director with temporary unli-
.................July 21, 1824. 873

mited Authority.

CLAIMS of British Subjects against Spain.

with Peru..


Madrid, March 12, 1823. 44
of American Subjects against Great Britain (1st Art. Treaty
of Ghent), Convention..St. Petersburgh, July 12, 1822. 772
COLOMBIA. Treaty of perpetual Union, League, and Confederation
....Lima, July 6, 1822. 103
......of ditto (Additional)......ditto......ditto..... 115
......of perpetual Union, League, and Confederation
with Chili... Santiago de Chili, Oct. 21, 1822. 213
....of Friendship and Alliance with Buenos Ayres.

Buenos Ayres, March 8, 1823. 310
......of perpetual Union, League, and Confederation
with Mexico........Mexico, Oct. 3, 1823. 784
Decree.-Diplomatick Churacters and Consuls in Foreign

Countries....... ....August 7, 1823. 76
.Proclamation on the entire expulsion of the Spanish Troops

from Colombia........ December 9, 1823. 78
.Peruvian Decree, conferring the Supreme Dictatorial
Power on the President of Colombia. February 10, 1824. 866
..Message of the Vice-President, on the opening of Con-
gress......... April 6, 1824. 808
.Decree prohibiting Settlements of Foreigners on the Mos-
.....July 5, 1824. S16

quito Shore.....

COLONIES. Instructions to the British Governors of,-Treatment, &c.

of Slaves...

. May to July, 1823. 84

Proclamation. British-as to false Reports of the Emancipa-

tion of Slaves.....

.March 10, 1824. 102

..Order in Council. British, Tonnage Duties on Vessels of

The United States...

... 151


COLONIAL OFFICE. Instructions to the British Governors of Colonies.
Treatment, &c. of Slaves..... .1823. 84
Correspondence with the Governors of The Mauritius
and Sierra Leone. Slave Trade.....1823. 629
COMMUNICATIONS between Great Britain and France and Spain.

(Spanish America)........

1823-4. 49
CONSULS &c. of the Colombiau Government. Decree... August 7, 1823. 76


DECLARATION Of Sweden, in favour of British Commerce. April 24, 1824 190
..explanatory (Slave Trade) See TREATIES.

..of Independence of The United Provinces of

Central America.

....July 1, 1823. 874

DECREES. Brazilian,.. Election of Deputies for a Legislative Assembly.

March 26, 1824. 803

Chilian,....Investing the Supreme Director with temporary
unlimited Authority.......July 21, 1824. 873
Colombian,..Prohibiting Settlements of Foreigners on the

Musquito Shore..... .....July 5, 1824. 816
..Diplomatick Characters and Consuls abroad,

August 7, 1823. 76

.Mexican.... Form of Government established in Mexico.

December 16, 1823. 246

.Election of President and Vice President.

July 21, 1824. 832

Netherlands,. Duties on Articles imported in British Vessels.

August 11, 1824. 852

Peruvian,...Conferring the Supreme Dictatorial Power on
General Bolivar......February 10, 1824. 866

.....Portuguese,.. Annulling the Constitution of 1822.

June 18, 1823. 852

[blocks in formation]

..June 5, 1824, 859

...Spanish,.....Annulling the Acts of the Constitutional Go-

vernment since 1820.....October 1, 1823. 860
Abolishing the Political Constitution of 1820

in the Colonies........ December 25, 1823. 862
.Permitting Foreigners to Trade with the Ame

rican Colonies.......... February 9, 1824. 864
.Annulling the Powers and Acts of the Commis-

sioners sent to the Colonies. . Feb. 26, 1824. 865
DENMARK. British Order in Council, regulating the Duties on Danish

Vessels and Cargoes


...exempting certain Danish Vessels from

taking Pilots......



EAST INDIES. Treaty between Great Britain and The Netherlands,

[blocks in formation]


FLORIDA INDIANS Treaty with The United States.

In Camp, Sept. 18, 1823. 844

FOREIGN OFFICE. Correspondence with Foreign Powers, relating to the

Slave Trade: viz.

[blocks in formation]

Rio de Janeiro....425 Surinam.......... 426
Notification of the Blockade of Algiers 185

FRANCE. British Order in Council, respecting Tonnage Duties on

French Vessels....


...admitting certain French Vessels at
The Mauritius, from Madagascar 157

Communications with Great Britain, (Spanish America,)

October 1823, to January 1824. 49

Convention with Spain. Maritime Prizes made in 1823.

Madrid, Jan. 5, 1824. 20 of the French Troops in Spain.

Madrid, Feb. 9, 1824. 322 Prolongation of the Stay of do.

Madrid, June 30, 1824. 340

.Correspondence with Great Britain, relating to the Slave Trade,

1823, 1824. 348

... 816

Law for the Septennial Renewal of the Chamber of Deputies 248
.fixing the Receipt and Expenditure for 1825..
Ordinance respecting Orders or Decorations worn by French
...April 16, 1824. 159
enforcing the Laws respecting the Liberty of the
......August 15, 1824. 765



....revoking the Ordinance respecting ditto,

Sept. 29, 1824. 766

Report of the Minister of Finance to The King, April 5, 1824. 160
Speech of The King, on the Opening of the Chambers,


March 23, 1824. 75

Dec. 22, 1824. 767

do...... on the Opening of the Chambers,


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

...Vessels built, &c..... 899 employed.

Foreign Trade. do.. 1821, 1823.


distinguishing Countries. 995

.Acts of Parliament. Convention. Austrian Loans. 102

.Slave Trade declared Piracy. 122
...Newfoundland Fisheries..... 263
.Regulations respecting Aliens 265
Consolidation.Slave Trade Laws 656

Communications with France and Spain.

Spanish America...1823.-1824. 49

. Correspondence relating to the Slave Trade,


1823, 1824. viz.

.Of the Foreign Office.

With Foreign Powers:



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..349. 740. 754

With the British Commissioners:

Sierra Leone 421. Rio de Janeiro 425

The Havannah 425. Surinam.... 426
Of the Colonial Office. With the Go-
vernors of The Mauritius and
Sierra Leone.. .....1823. 629
Of the Admiralty. Communications
from British Naval Officers.

1823. 639
Instructions 650
.Negotiations between Russia and
The Porte. Note of Viscount
Strangford....9th April, 1824. 867

..Declarations of Sweden, in favour of British Com-
.24th April, 1824. 190
Decree. Netherlands. Duties on Articles import-
ed in British Vessels, 11th Aug. 1824. 852
.Instructions to Governors of Colonies.

(West Indies and South America.)
Treatment, &c. of Slaves....1823. 84
Note of Viscount Strangford to the Reis Effendi.
Negotiation between Russia and The Porte.
9th April. 1824, 867
.Notification of the Blockade of Algiers by a Bri-
tish Squadron........ 13th April, 1824. 185
...of the termination of Hostilities with

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