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Ainsworth, W. Harrison, Guy Fawkes

by, 1. 107. 219. 333. 441. 545; Jack
Sheppard, 92. 137.

Aldrich, J., My Mother's Grave by, 583.
Allspy, Toby, the Fatal Window by, 566.
American War, legend of the, 469.
Anecdotes of Fleet Marriages, 177.
Anglers, list of celebrated, 264.
Angling, observations on, 254. 263. 265.
A R. W. legend of the American War
by, 469.

Aunt Fanny, a Tale of a Shirt, 414; see

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305; an Impudent Monkey, 358; Mr.
Foxe Varnish, 593.

Cruise along the coasts of Posilypo and
Baiæ, 156.


Dalton, the Picture Bed-room by, 349.
Day in the Black Forest, 186; Day at
Eton, 587.

Dead, meeting of the, 633.
Death-bed Confession, from the posthu.

mous papers of a late surgeon, 497.
Dibdin, Tom, anecdote of him, 130.
Donks, Mr. Trickett, a sketch, 305.
Downs, Major, anecdotes of, 126, 377.

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Impudent Monkey, a sketch, 358.
Indigence and Benevolence, Part II. Re-

lief of the Poor, see Moral Economy.
Ingoldsby, Thomas, a Lay of St. Odille
by, 172; the Bagman's Dog, 265;
Aunt Fanny, or a Tale of a Shirt, 414;
a Row in an Omnibus, 647.
Inman, G. E., Haroun Alraschid by, 26;

the Two Cousins, 362.

Irish Lamentations for the Dead, 565.
Irish reason for not robbing the Mail, 184.
Isle of Wight, legends of the Wishing

Well, 17; King John, 575; see Le-

Izaak Walton, see Walton.

Illumination, the, 329.


Jack Frost, a poem, 496.
Jack Sheppard-the pursuit, 92; released
from his irons, 94; attends his mother's
funeral, 97; recaptured, 100; taken
back to Newgate, 101; conveyed to
Westminster Hall, 141; his procession
to Tyburn, 145; execution, 151; bu-
rial, 152

Jenkinson, Olinthus, the Round Table
by, 194.

Jesse, Edward, Izaak Walton and his
friends by, 254; Eton Montem, 587.
Journal of Old Barnes, the Pantaloon,
457. 627.

Judging by appearances; Mistakes in a
Drawing-room, 508; Mistakes in a
Court of Justice, 616.

Juvenile Delinquency, remarks on, see
Moral Economy.


Kelly, Michael, anecdote of his pony,

Kemble, John Philip, anecdote of, 376.
King John, a legend of the Isle of Wight,


Lamb, Charles, anecdote of 376.
Lay of St. Odille, a poem, 172; see In-

Legend of the American War, 469; of
the Isle of Wight, 17 575.

Le Gros, W. B. a rambling cruise along
the coast of Posilypo and Baie by, 156.
Letter-bag of the Great Western, ex-
tracts from, 11.

Lines in an Album, 586.

Lions of the Modern Babylon, 80.

Loit, one of the Tshukts-hi chiefs, ac
count of his residence, 494.

Long Islanders, Uncle Sam's Peculiari
ties, 619.

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Macaw, Mr. a sketch, 89.
MacCulloch, Mr. his statement respect-
ing the consumption of Whiskey in
Ireland, 41.

Mackay, C., chapter on Haunted Houses
by, 161; the Hair and Beard, as fash-
ioned by Politics and Religion, 300.
M'Teague, P. the Herdsman by, 235.
Manchester, observations on the Moral
Economy of, 596.

Marriages, see Fleet Marriages.

Mathews, Mr. anecdotes of, 124. 129.

Maxwell, W. Hamilton, biographical

sketch of, 331.

Mayhew, E. a Tale of the Morgue by, 27.
Meeting of the Dead, 633.
Medwin, Captain, 'Tis he! by. 380.
Mistakes in a Drawing room, 508; in a
Court of Justice, 616.

Monkey, an impudent, a sketch, 358.
Monks of Old, a song, 246.
Moral Economy of Large Towns-In-
digence and Benevolence, Part II.;
Relief of the Poor, 131; Juvenile De
linquency, 470; Manchester, 596.
Morgue, a tale of the, see Tale.
Morris, Captain, review of his "Lyra
Urbanica," 540.

Mother's Grave, a poem, 583.
Mountain Ash, song of the, 202.
Mountain, Mrs. anecdote of, 378.



[blocks in formation]

Palace of Woodstock, the, see Haunted

Payne, Lady, Sheridan's epitaph on her
monkey, 564.

Peters, Mr. story of-the Bagman's Dog,
265; see Ingoldsby.

Picture Bedroom, the, 349.

Poems-Haroun Alraschid, 24; lay of
St. Odille, 172; the Blind Girl of
Castel Cuillée, 249; the Evening Star,
456; My Mother's Grave, 583.
Polito, Mr. rotice of his Menagerie, 376.
Poole, Mr. anecdote of him, 127.
Popkin, Mr. Feter, anecdotes from his
Portfolio, 123, 375, 561.

[blocks in formation]

Shamauns, account of their influence
with the Tshuktshi, 492, 493.
Sheppard, Jack, see Jack Sheppard.
Sheridan, R. B. his epitaph on Lady
Payne's monkey, 564.

Sheridan, Tom, anecdote of him, 129,
Simmons, B. lines in an Album by, 586.
Shirt, a tale of a, see Ingoldsby.
Siberian Fair, visit to a, 484.
Slave of Passion, 513.

Songs-in praise of Whiskey, 40; of the
Mountain Ash, 202; the Monks of
Old, 246; of Trafalgar and Nelson,
287; for the End of Term, 421.
Sonnet on Izaak Walton, 256.
Soul-Agent, the, a German Romance,

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Spalpeen,' The Herdsman, by the au-
thor of the, 235.

Spriggins, Epistle from Miss Selina, 584.
Stanley Thorn, early characteristics of
him, 59; his interview with Mr. Rip-
stone, 203; his trip to Gretna Green,
315; his first night out, 422; his visit
to a modern Pandemonium, 430; per-
forms a gallant action, 526; his mys-
terious interviews with Madame Pou-
petier, 530; dreams of Isabelle, 634.
Suett, Dicky, anecdotes respecting him,

S. W. P., Jack Frost by, 496.
Star, the Evening, 456.


Tale of a Shirt, 414.
Tale of the Morgue, 27.

Taylor, John, anecdote of, 129.

Dr. W. C., Moral Economy of
Large Towns by, 131, 470, 596.
Term, song for the end of, 321.
The Spalpeen,' Watty Flaherty by the
author of, 391.

Thorn, Stanley, see Stanley Thorn.
"Tis He a tale, by Captain Medwin,

Tshuktshi fair at Ostrovnoïe, 484; re-
marks on the Tshuktshi, 489, 490;
account of the conversion of a young
Tshuktshe, 591; revolting customs
among them, 492; description of their
camp, 493; account of the residence
of one of the Chiefs, 494.
Two Cousins, story of the, 362.

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Uncle Sam's Peculiarities: Long Island-
ers, 619.


Valentine Vox,' Stanley Thorn by the
author of, 59. 203, 309, 422, 526, 634.
Varnish, Mr. Foxe, a sketch, 593.
Visit to a Siberian fair at Ostrovnoïe, 484,


Wade, J. A., Song of the Oak by, 57; of
the Laurels, 106; of the Mountain
Ash, 202; a Revery, 357.
Walton, Izaak, remarks on his character,
254; sonnet to him, 256; his ac-
quaintance with Sir Henry Wotton,
257; his rejoicings at the Restoration,
259; remarks on his Complete An.
gler,' 260; his' friendship for Charles

Cotton, 261; his illustrious connections,

Watty Flaherty, story of, 391.
Whiskey, a chapter on, 38; song in

praise of, 40; attempts made to lessen
the consumption of Whiskey in Ire
land, 41; anecdotes respecting, 43;
effects of the reduction of the duty on,
47; comparison between the London
and Dublin whiskey-shops, 48.
Wilkinson, the actor, anecdote respecting
his performance at Gravesend, 375.
Willis, H. the Soul-Agent by, 374.
Wishing Well, the, a legend of the Isle of
Wight, 17.

Wotton, Sir H. his acquaintance with
Izaak Walton, 257.

Wordsworth, Mr. his sonnet on Izaak
Walton, 256.

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