Handbook to the Library of the British Museum: Containing a Brief History of Its Formation, and of the Various Collections of which it is Composed ; Descriptions of the Catalogues in Present Use ; Classed Lists of the Manuscripts, Etc ; and a Variety of Information Indispensable for the "readers" at that Institution ; with Some Account of the Principle Libraries in London

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John Russell Smith, 1854 - Libraries - 418 pages
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Page 45 - Acre of the same or value thereof in coin current according as the Exchange shall then be between our said Province and the City of London to such Person or Persons as shall from time to time be appointed to receive the same...
Page 415 - GUIDE TO THE ANGLO-SAXON TONGUE : on the Basis of Professor Rask's Grammar ; to which are added, Reading Lessons, in Verse and Prose, with Notes, for the use of Learners. By EJ Vernon, BA, Oxon. 12mo, cloth, 5s.
Page 91 - English name of the country and towns at which the sittings of the society are held, in the following order. The primary division to be of the four parts of the world in alphabetical succession, Australia and Polynesia being considered as appendixes to Asia; the first subdivision to be of the various empires, kingdoms, or other independent governments into which any part of the world is divided, in alphabetical order; and a second subdivision of each state to follow, according to the various cities...
Page 29 - So great a number of curious and authentic manuscripts, relative as well to the Topographical Description and Antiquities of Britain, as to the Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the Kingdom ; its Laws, Constitution, and Government, that this mine of learning appears inexhaustible, and every vein replete with the richest stores. 10. Heraldical and Armorial Collections.
Page 92 - There shall be cross-references from the name of any author, editor, or contributor to any of the above works, appearing in any of the title-pages of any of the volumes, as well as from the peculiar name or designation of any of the societies, from the place at which they hold their meetings, from any place forming part of the peculiar name of a journal, almanac, calendar, &c., from the name under which such publications are generally known, to the main entries of such works.
Page 2 - An Act for the purchase of the Museum or Collection of Sir Hans Sloane, Bart., and of the Harleian Collection of MSS., and for providing one general repository for the better reception and more convenient use of the said Collection, and of the Cottonian Library, and of the additions thereto.
Page 13 - Sundays, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Christmas Day, and on any Fast or Thanksgiving Days ordered by authority ; except, also, between the 1st and 7th of January, the 1st and 7th of May, and the 1st and 7th of September, inclusive. The hours are from nine till four in the months of November, December, January, and February; from nine till five in the months of September, October, March, and April ; and from nine till six in the months of May, June, July, and August.
Page 2 - for the purchase of the Museum, or Collection of Sir Hans Sloane, and of the Harleian Collection of Manuscripts ; and for providing one General Repository for the better reception and more convenient use of the said collections ; and of the Cottonian Library, and of the additions thereto.
Page 12 - Catalogues all the particulars necessary for the identification of the Work wanted. 3. To write in a plain, clear hand, in order to avoid delay and mistakes. 4. To indicate in the proper place on each ticket the number of the seat occupied.
Page 30 - Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Welsh, Chinese, Persic, Arabic, German, Courlandic, Saxon, English, and Turkish languages. 18. Chrorographies, Antiquities, Histories, Chronicles, &c. of France and other countries. 19. Histories of Popes, and the Transactions of the See of Rome. 20. Poems, Essays, Ditties, Ancient Ballads, Plays, and other Poetical pieces, in almost every modern language.

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