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Teachers' Institute. printed by H. A. Bill.

Cheshire Railroad N. H. 1847. 8vo.

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HESHIRE, N. H. Abstracts of the Reports of the Benevolent Societies and Conference of Churches in Cheshire County, New-Hampshire, for ... 1833. ... Bellows Falls. 1833. 8vo, pp. 16. CATALOGUE of the Officers, Instructors

and Students of the Cheshire County Spring Term, 1848, at Walpole. Keene: 1848. 12mo, pp. 12. 12516 Company. Second Report. Keene,


A Historical Discourse Cheshire, July 28th, 1839.


CHESHIRE, Conn. Dedication of the Soldiers' Monument at Cheshire, Conn. on the Fourth of July, A.D., 1866. New York: W. W. Rose. 1866. 8vo, pp. 48. 12518 delivered at St. Peter's Church, Hartford. 1839. 8vo, pp. 16.

CHESNEY (C. C.) Military View of Recent Campaigns in Virginia and Maryland. With Maps. London: Smith & Elder. 1863. Post 8vo, pp. xii, 230. C. 12520

CHESNEY. Campaigns in Virginia, Maryland, &c. Volume the Second (continuing the History to the End of the Third Year of the War). With Maps. London: Smith & Elder. 1865. Post 8vo, pp. viii, 234.



Chesnut (J.) Relations of States. Speech of the Hon. James Chesnut, Jr. of South Carolina, ... in the Senate of the

, United States, April 9, 1860, on the Resolutions submitted by the Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Miss. ... Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy & Co. 1860. 8vo, pp. 24.

H. 12522 CHESSMAN (D.) Memoir of Rev. Thomas Baldwin, D.D. ... who died at Waterville, Me. August 29, 1825. Together with A Funeral Sermon, occasioned by his Death,

.. By Rev. Daniel Chessman, With an Appendix, containing Letters and Hymns. Boston: printed by True & Greene. 1826. 8vo, pp. 72, 12.

H. 12523 CHESSMAN (J.) Historical Notices of St. Peter's Church, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. By James Chessman. Elizabethtown. 1830. 8vo, pp. 28.

12524 CHESSIEUX (M. de la Grange de). See Grange de Chessieux.

CHESSMAN (D.) Memoir of Rev. Thomas Baldwin, D.D. Late Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Boston, who died ... Aug. 25, 1825. By Rev. Daniel Chessman, A.M. ... Second Edition. Boston: Élder John Peak. 1841. 24mo, pp. 107.

CHESTATEE. Prospectus of the Chestatee Hydraulic Company, and Report of William P. Blake,

upon the Gold Placers of a Part of Lumpkin County, Georgia, and the Practicability of working them by the Hydraulic Method, with Water from Chestatee River. New-York: John F. Trow, Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 39.

H. 12526 Chester (A. T.) A Funeral Sermon, on the Occasion of the Death of Nathaniel Rogers, who died December 24, 1852. By Albert Chester, D.D. Buffalo : C. E. Young, Printer. 1853. 8vo, pp. 23.

H. 12527 Also: A Sermon, occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Abigail Davison. Saratoga Springs. 1844. 8vo. ... A Sermon, preached before the Buffalo Academy of Music, April 18, 1852. Buffalo : Charles E. Young, Printer, 1852. 8vo,

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[CHESTER (A.)] Scheeps-togt van Anthony Chester na Virginia, gedaan in het Jaar 1620. Beschreeven door een voornaam Reysiger, die dese Togt met gedaan heelt. Leyden : Pieter Vander Aa. 1707. 8vo, pp. 15 and Register. Plate. 12528

Forms part of Vander Aa's collection of voyages, Vol. xxvi, 8vo.

CHESTER (C. A.) Life and Adventures of Charles Anderson Chester, the Notorious Leader of the Philadelphia "Killers," who was murdered Oct. 11th, 1849. Philadelphia. 1850. 8vo. pp. 36. Plates.


CHESTER (C. T. and J. N.) Catalogue of Telegraph Material, manufactured by Charles T. & J. N. Chester, 104 Centre Street, New-York. With Appendix. [1861.] 8vo, pp. 42. H.

CHESTER (G. J.) Trans-Atlantic Sketches in the West Indies, South America, and the United States. By Greville John Chester.... London: Smith, Elder, & Co. 1869. 8vo.

CHESTER (John). Narrative of the State of Religion within the Presbytery of Albany. Albany. 1820. 8vo. B. 12532

CHESTER. A Sermon, in Commemoration of the Landing, of the New-England Pilgrims on the Completion of the Second Century since that Event. Albany: printed by E. and E. Hosford. 1820. 8vo, pp. 31, (1). B. 12533



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CHESTER. Sermon, before the Albany Moral Society. Albany. 1821. 8vo. 12534 Also: Sermon before the Berkshire and Columbian Missionary Society, Canaan, September 21, 1813. Hudson. 1813. 8vo, pp. 39.


CHESTER. Obituary Notices of the Rev. John Chester, D.D. Late Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Congregation in the City of Albany. Albany: printed by Packard and Van Benthuysen. 1829. 8vo, pp. 84. Portrait. BA. 12535

CHESTER. Official Documents of the Presbytery of Albany, exhibiting the Trials of Rev. John Chester & Mr. Mark Tucker; together with the whole Case of the Rev. Hooper Cumming. Schenectady: Henry Stevens & Co. 1818. 8vo, pp. 255.



CHESTER. The Lesson of the Hour. Justice as well as Mercy. A Discourse preached on the Sabbath following the Assassination of the President, in the Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C., By the Pastor, Rev. John Chester. Washington: Chronicle Print. 1865. 8vo, pp. 16.

H. 12537

CHESTER (J. L.) A Genealogical Memoir of the Wentworth Family of England, from its Saxon Origin in the Eleventh Century to the Emigration of one of its Representatives to New

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BA., c.

England about the Year 1636. By Joseph Lemuel Chester ... , [London. 1867.] 8vo, pp. 121-140.

H. 12538 CHESTER. Greenwood Cemetery, and other Poems. By Joseph L. Chester. New York. 1843. 12mo.

12539 CHESTER. Notes upon the Ancestry of William Hutchinson and Anna Marbury. From researches recently made in England. By Joseph Lemuel Chester. Boston: Printed by D. Clapp & Son. 1866. 4to, pp. 24.

12540 Fifty copies printed. CHESTER. A Preliminary Investigation of the Alleged Ancestry of George Washington; First President of the United States of America; exposing a Serious Error in the Existing Pedigree. By Joseph Lemuel Chester ... Boston: H. W. Dutton & Son, Printers. 1866. 8vo, pp. 23.

H. 12541 Also, with the imprint, Westminster : Nichols & Sons, printers, 1866. pp. 15. — John Rogers; the Compiler of the First Authorized English Bible; Embracing a Genealogical Account of his Family, Biographical Sketches of some of his Principal Descendants, his Own Writings, etc. etc. London: Longman, Green, Longman, & Roberts. 1861. 8vo, pp. xii, 452.

CHESTER (Bishop of). See Dawes (Sir William), and Keene (Dr.)

CHESTER (W.F.) An Address delivered before the Mechanic Apprentices' Library Association, Thirty-fourth Anniversary, Feb. 22, 1854. By William F. Chester ... Boston, 1854. 8vo, pp. 20.

H. 12542 Chester Co., Penn. Public Meeting. [Address of a Meeting of Anti-Slavery Citizens, Dec. 25, 1835. n. p. n. d.) 8vo,

BA. 12543 Report on the Manufactories, Unimproved Mill Seats, &c. Chester. 1826. 12mo.

12544 Report on the Progress and Present Condition of the Chester County Cabinet of Natural Science. Westchester. 1828. 12mo. + Fourth Report. Westchester. 1831. 12mo.

12545 State of the Accounts of Thomas Cheney, Esq., Sub-Lieutenant of Chester County. And of John Hannum, Esq. From March 1777, to March 1780. In which is exhibited the fines received, the Names of the Persons by whom the same were

pp. 8.

paid, and the Application of the Money. by F. Bailey. M.DCC.LXXXV. 8vo, pp. 12.

The Philadelphia Library contains similar accounts for other years. To the Representatives of the Freemen of the Counties of Chester, Bucks, and Philadelphia. Now met at the State-House. ... A great Number of your Constituents. Chester County. May 9, 1774. Broadside. C., P. 12547

Philadelphia: Printed
P. 12546

For May, read June.

CHESTER, S. C. Address to the People of Chester District, S. C., assembled to discuss the Question of Nullification, &c.

Chesterfield Travestie; or, School for Modern Manners. Philadelphia. 1812. 12mo. 12549 CHESTERTON (G. L.) A Narrative of the Proceedings in Venezuela, in South America, in the Years 1819 and 1820; with General Observations on the Country and People; the Character of the Republican Government, and its Leading Members, &c. also a Description of the Country of Caraccas; of the Force of Gen. Morillo; the State of the Royalists; and the Spirit of the People under their Jurisdiction. By George Laval Chesterton, late Captain and Judge Advocate of the British Legion, raised for the Service of the Republic of Venezuela. London: John and Arthur Arch. 1820. 8vo, pp. x, 257. Map.

See M. R., XLIV. 205.

CHESTERTON. Peace, War and Adventure: an Autobiographical Memoir of George Laval Chesterton, formerly of... Royal Artillery, subsequently a Captain in the Army of Columbia, ... London. 1853. 2 vols., 12mo. C., P. + London: Bickers and Bush. 186-. 8vo. 12551 CHESSYRE (Henry T. N.) Canada in 1864: A Handbook for Settlers. London. 1864. 12mo. 12552 [CHETWOOD (W. R.)] The Voyages and Adventures of Capt. Robert Boyle, in several parts of the World, &c. Intermix'd with The Story of Mrs. Villars, an English Lady with whom he made his surprizing Escape from Barbary: To which is added the Voyage, Shipwreck, and Miraculous Preservation of Richard Castleman, gent. With a Description of the City of Philadelphia and the Country of Pennsylvania. London: 7. Watts. 1726. 8vo, 5 l., pp. 374. Plate. + The Second Edition. London: J. Watts. 1727. 8vo, 5 l., pp. 374. Plate. + [Another] Second Edition. 1728. + London. 1735. 12mo.

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