Select Documents Illustrating Mediaeval and Modern History

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Kessinger Publishing, 2004 - History - 812 pages
1905. Reich explains in the introduction that students of history should be acquainted with some of the original documents in which the causes, motives, or results of great historical movements have been crystallized, at least partially. We say partially; for it would be a grave error to consider any one historic document as having been penned with perfect sincerity. In but too many documents the more important causes and motives have found no explicit expression. Yet, with all the shortcomings of historic documents, there still remains in many of them something of that atmosphere which was perhaps the real moving force of the events or institutions recorded in the documents. For this reason, the documents have been left in their original languages; that is, in Latin, Greek, English, French, German and Dutch; the documents in German and Dutch being made more accessible by English translations. The Contents are divided into the following parts: International Treaties; Church History; General Institutions of the Middle Ages; Byzantine Empire; Holy Roman Empire; Italian City States; France; France and England; England; Germany; Holland; Austria; Bohemia; Hungary; Poland; Switzerland; Turkey; Sweden and Russia; and America.

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