On the preservation of the health of body and mind

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Page 8 - Captain Franklin also notices the resuscitation of fishes after being frozen : " It may be worthy of notice here, that the fish froze as they were taken out of the nets, and in a short time became a solid mass of ice, and by a blow or two of the hatchet were easily split open, when the intestines might be removed in one lump. If, in this completely frozen state, they were thawed before the fire, they recovered their animation.
Page 6 - ... to sleep was to perish. Mr Banks and the rest found it impossible to carry them, and there being no remedy they were both suffered to sit down, being partly supported by the bushes, and in a few minutes they fell into a profound sleep : Soon after, some of the people who had been sent forward returned, with the welcome news that a fire was kindled about a quarter of a mile farther on the way.
Page 6 - Banks had recourse again to entreaty and expostulation, but they produced no effect: When Richmond was told, that if he did not go on he would in a short time be frozen to death, he answered, that he desired nothing but to lie down and die : The doctor did not so explicitly renounce his life; he said he was willing to go on, but that he must first take some sleep, though he had before told the company that to sleep was to perish.
Page 8 - The effect of a breeze upon the feelings is well known to every person, even in comparatively temperate climates, but at low temperatures it becomes painful and almost insupportable. Thus, with the thermometer at — 55°, and no wind stirring, the hands, may remain uncovered for ten minutes or a quarter of an hour without inconvenience ; while, with a fresh breeze and the thermometer nearly as high as zero, few people can keep them exposed so long without considerable pain.
Page 5 - Perhaps part of the heat, which is discharged from the freezing water, combines with the air in its unelastic state, and, by restoring its elasticity, gives it that extraordinary force, as is seen also in the case of air suddenly extricated in the explosion of gunpowder. A very great degree of cold is produced by mixing snow with certain salts.
Page 5 - ... a fluid state, would have heated it to 135°. In this process, the expansion is occasioned by a great number of minute bubbles suddenly produced. Formerly these were supposed to be cold in the abstract, and to be so subtile, that, insinuating themselves into the substance...
Page 11 - I speak of it) that many a man may have been punished for intoxication, who was only suffering from the benumbing effects of frost; for I have more than once seen our people in a state so exactly resembling that of the most stupid intoxication, that I should certainly have charged them with that offence, had I not been quite sure that no possible means were afforded them on Melville Island to procure any thing stronger than snow-water.
Page 6 - ... forward returned, with the welcome news that a fire was kindled about a quarter of a mile farther on the way. Mr Banks then endeavoured to wake Dr Solander, and happily succeeded: But, though he had not slept five minutes, he had almost lost the use of his limbs, and the muscles were so shrunk that his shoes fell from his feet; he consented to go forward with such assistance as could be given him, but no attempts to relieve poor Richmond were successful.
Page 13 - The wet weather continued, and in the afternoon the wind came from the southward, blowing fresh in squalls. As there was no prospect of getting our clothes dried, I recommended to every one to strip, and wring them through the salt water, by which means they received a warmth that, while wet with rain, they could not have.

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