FCC Record: A Comprehensive Compilation of Decisions, Reports, Public Notices, and Other Documents of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States

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Page 2020 - For the purpose of regulating interstate and foreign commerce in communication by wire and radio so as to make available, so far as possible, to all the people of the United States a rapid, efficient, Nation-wide, and world-wide wire and radio communication service with adequate facilities at reasonable charges...
Page 1877 - That the applicants herein shall, pursuant to section 311 (a) (2) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and section 1.594 of the Commission's rules, give notice of the hearing within the time and in the manner prescribed in such rule, and shall advise the Commission of the publication of such notice as required by section 1.594 (g) of the rules. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION, BEN F.
Page 2038 - Commission, that the system does, in fact, comply with the rules. (b) The operator of each cable television system shall maintain at its local office a current listing of the cable television channels which that system delivers to its subscribers and the station or stations whose signals are delivered on each Class I cable television channel.
Page 1871 - No person shall use or operate any apparatus for the transmission of energy or communications or signals by radio...
Page 2047 - Any party may serve upon any adverse party written interrogatories to be answered by the party served or, if the party served is a public or private corporation or a partnership or association, by any officer or agent who shall furnish such information as is available to the party.
Page 1877 - Data submitted by the applicants indicate that there would be a significant difference in the size of the areas and populations which would receive service from the proposals. Consequently, for the purposes of comparison, the areas and populations...
Page 1897 - Secretary shall take into account the nature, circumstances, extent, and gravity of the prohibited acts committed and, with respect to the violator, the degree of culpability, any history of prior offenses, ability to pay, and such other matters as justice may require.
Page 2040 - ... distributing signals by using multiple cable techniques or specialized receiving devices, and which, because of their basic design, cannot comply with one or more of the technical standards set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, may be permitted to operate provided that an adequate showing is made which establishes that the public Interest is benefited.
Page 1827 - These later decisions have fashioned the principle that the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a State to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.* As we said in Noto v.
Page 1961 - Commission may be requested within 30 days by writing the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554, stating the factors warranting consideration. Copies must be sent to the parties to the complaint. See Code of Federal Regulations, Volume 47, Section 1.115. Sincerely yours, WILLIAM B. RAT. Chief, Complaints and Compliance Division. [Reprint of transcript of "60 Minutes" as brc diay, March 5, 1972, with CBS NEWS Correst SAFER.

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