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Continued; viz.: between

Austria and Bavaria. Convention. Territorial.


Paris, 3rd June, 1814. 177

[blocks in formation]

Jönköping, 10th December, 1809.


Denmark and Sweden. Treaty. Peace.

Kiel, 14th January, 1814. 194
Denmark, Russia, and Sweden. Convention. Armed
Neutrality.... St. Petersburgh, 16th Dec. 1800. 327
Annex. Declaration of the Emperor of Russia. do.
15th August, 1800. 334

Denmark and Russia.

Denmark and Prussia.

Treaty. Peace.

Hanover, 8th February, 1814. 244
Provisional Arrangement. Com-
merce.. Paris, 2nd June, 1814. 254

Denmark and Prussia. Treaty. Peace.


Berlin, 25th August, 1814.
Convention. Surrender of De-
serters and Slaves, in American Colonies.
Madrid, 21st July, 1767. 252

London, 14th August, 1814.

Treaty. Family Compact.


Paris, 15th August, 1761. 276
(Bonaparte and Ferdinand VII.)
Treaty. Peace and Amity.
Valençay, 11th December, 1813. 1225
Act. Suspension of Hostilities.

Denmark and Spain.

Denmark and Spain.

Treaty. Peace.

France and Spain.
France and Spain.

France and Portugal.

[blocks in formation]

Paris, 8th May, 1814. 1038
Additional Articles to Definitive
Treaty of Peace.. Paris, 30th May, 1814. 1038
Treaty. Peace and Amity.

Paris, 20th July, 1814. 1099

Convention. Commerce.

Versailles, 25th April, 1741. 710

Kalisch, 28th February, 1813.
Breslau, 27th February,

Prussia and Russia. Convention. Occupation of the
States of the Rhenish Confederation.
Breslau, 19th March, 1813.
Convention. Subsistence of Rus-
Prussia.. Kalisch, 7th April, 1813.
Treaty. Alliance.

[blocks in formation]

Continued; viz.: between



Russia and Sweden. Treaty. Commerce and Naviga-
tion.. St. Petersburgh, 13th March, 1801. 313
Russia and Sweden. Treaty. Peace.

Fredrickshamn, 17th September, 1809. 338
Treaty. Alliance.

Russia and Sweden.

Russia and Sweden.

St. Petersburgh, 5th April, 1812.
Convention. Alliance.


Wilna, 15th June, 1812. 336

Russia and Sweden. Convention. Alliance.

Sicily and Tripoli.

Spain and Sweden.

TRIESTE. Cessation of Blockade.

[blocks in formation]

Stockholm, 19th March, 1813. 1092
British Notification, &c.

December, 1813. 1269, 1270

TRIPOLI. Treaties, &c., with Great Britain; viz.:
Treaty. Peace....

Tripoli, 18th October, 1662. 710

Treaty. Peace and Commerce. Tripoli, 5th March, 1675.
Treaty. Commerce..


.Tripoli, 1st May, 1676.


Additional Tripoli, 11th October, 1694.
Treaty. Peace.....


..Tripoli, 19th July, 1716.


Treaty. Peace and Commerce.

Tripoli, 19th September, 1751.


[blocks in formation]

Tripoli, 22nd July, 1762.


Treaty. Commerce..
Treaty with Sicily.

.Tripoli, 10th May, 1812.


Peace......Tripoli, 30th Sep. 1813. 189

Firman of The Grand Seignor. Austrian Commerce.

TUNIS. Treaties, &c., with Great Britain; viz.:

Treaty. Peace and Commerce.. Tunis, 5th October, 1662. 733

[blocks in formation]

Bardo, 16th October, 1813. 746
Treaty with Portugal. Peace... Bardo, 16th October, 1813. 191
Firman of the Grand Seignor. Austrian Commerce.

Constantinople, February, 1814. 1180
TURKEY. Capitulations and Articles of Peace with Great Britain.

1675. 747

Act. Commerce of the Black Sea....30th October, 1799. 766
Treaty with Great Britain. Peace and Commerce.

Dardanelles, 5th January, 1809. 768

Firman of The Grand Seignor to the Governments of

Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis. Austrian Commerce.

Constantinople, February, 1814. 1180


UNITED STATES. Act of Congress. Slave Trade to any Foreign


Country, prohibited....22nd March, 1794. 984
do...... 10th May, 1800. 985
Importation of Persons of
Colour. do.

28th February, 1803. 986

do. of Slaves. do.

2nd March, 1807. 988

War against Great Britain.

18th June, 1512. 1322

Trade of American Vessels

with Enemies of The United

States, prohibited.

6th July, 1812. 1323

Regulation of Seamen on board

Public and Private Vessels.

3rd March, 1813. 1325

British Licenses or Passes for

Vessels or Goods, prohibited.
2nd August, 1813. 1328

Embargo on all Ships and l'es-
sels in The United States.

17th December, 1813. 1331

Annex. Circular to Collectors of Cus-

[blocks in formation]


14th April, 1814. 1343

Conferences between the American and British
Plenipotentiaries. Negotiation
for Peace. Protocols.

Ghent, 1814. 1585

Correspondence with Great Britain. Non-ratified

Treaty of Commerce and Na
vigation of 1806....

with do. British Overtures for a
Suspension of Hostilities.


June, July, 1812. 1470
with do. American Overture. do.
June, September, 1812. 1473
with do. British Overtures. do.
August, October, 1812. 1492
with Great Britain. British
Impressments of Seamen from
American Vessels. 1792-1803. 1373
with Russia. Mediation of
Russia for Peace with Great

1812, 1813. 1534

[blocks in formation]


Instructions to Agent of The United States sent
to Buenos Ayres.....


1810. 1219 to Agent sent to Venezuela... 1812. 1220
Message of The President to Congress. State
of the Relations with Great Britain.





1st June, 1812. 1316 Documents,
1792 to 1803. British Impressments
of Seamen from American Vessels.

6th July, 1812. 1375 of Congress.

4th November, 1812. 1501 of Congress.

25th May, 1813. 1521 Opening of Congress.

7th December, 1813. 1525 Restrictions in the Trade
and Navigation Laws.

9th December, 1813. 1532 with Rus-
sia. Mediation for Peace.

18th January, 1814. 1533 Correspondence, 1813,
1814. Negotiations for Peace with
Great Britain... 6th January, 1814. 1543
to Congress. Punishment of British
Subjects taken in Arms against
Great Britain. British Impressments
of Seamen from Foreign Vessels.

16th April, 1814. 1405
of The President. Opening of Congress.
20th September, 1814. 1547 to American
Plenipotentiaries. Negotiation of
Peace with Great Britain.

13th October, 1814. 1551

Messages of The President. Communications from
the American Plenipotentiaries at
Ghent. Negotiations for Peace
with Great Britain............. 1814, 1815.

1578, 1594, 1640

Proclamation of The President. War against

Great Britain. 19th June, 1812. 1322
of do. Encouragement of
the Trade of Friendly Nations,
during the British Blockade
of American Ports.

29th June, 1814. 1344

Report of the Secretary of the Navy. Expense
of Building, and Efficiency of Ships of
War.... ... 13th November, 1812. 1434
of the Secretary of the Treasury. State-
ment of Exports, 1812.

11th February, 1813. 1466

... of the Finances.

8th January, 1814. 1418

of the Secretary of the Navy. List of

the Ships and Vessels of the Navy.

4th March, 1814. 1452



Report of the Secretary of the Navy. State of
the Navy. ......22nd February, 1814. 1415
... of the Secretary of the Treasury. State

of the Finances. 23rd September, 1814. 1424
of the Secretary of the Navy. Plan for
the better Organization of the Navy.

15th November, 1814. 1454

[blocks in formation]

Paris, 30th November, 1782. 773
Declarations. Suspension of Hostilitics.

Versailles, 20th January, 1783. 777

Treaty. Peace and Friendship.

Paris, 3rd September, 1783. 779
Treaty. Amity, Commerce, and Navigation.
London, 19th November, 1794.

Explanatory Article. American Indians.


Philadelphia, 4th May, 1796. 804
Explanatory Article. River St. Croix.

London, 15th March, 1798. 806

[blocks in formation]

Treaty. Commerce and Navigation.

London, 31st December, 1806. 1190

Cartel. Exchange of Prisoners of War.

Washington, 12th May, 1813. 1410

Proclamation (British). Government of Ameri-
can Territory occupied by British Forces.

Halifax, 21st September, 1814. 1369


VENEZUELA. Declaration of Rights by the Supreme Congress.

Caracas, 1st July, 1811. 1104

Declaration of Independence of the Confederated Pro-


Caracas, 5th July, 1811. 1108

Manifesto of the General Congress. Independence of

Caracas, 30th July, 1811. 1113

the Nation....
Instructions to the Agents of The United States, sent
to Venezuela..Washington, 14th May, 1812. 1220

Proclamation, inviting Foreign Settlers.

Caracas, 16th August, 1813. 1142

Correspondence between the British Governor of Cura-
çoa and General Bolivar, on the sanguinary charac-

ter of the Civil War with Spain.

September, October, 1813. 1247

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