The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London: 1518 to 1700

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Royal College of Physicians of London, 1878 - Physicians
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Page 413 - Cosmologia Sacra: or a discourse of the universe as it is the creature and kingdom of God.
Page 425 - ... Scythia, and northern countries and tracts : we left questioning further. He did this without any set or formal repetitions, as one who had learned things without book, but as if he minded other things, going about the room, and toying with a parrot there, and as he was at dinner (tanquam aliud agens, as it were) seeming to be full of play, of a lively, sprightly temper, always smiling, and exceeding pleasant, without the least levity, rudeness, or childishness.
Page 327 - ... from . temptation to flattery. But it is not on the praises of others, but "on his own writings, that he is to depend for the esteem of posterity ; of which he will not easily be deprived, while learning shall have any reverence among men...
Page 132 - Edgehill with him ; and during the fight the Prince and Duke of York were committed to his care. He told me that he withdrew with them under a hedge, and took out of his pockett a booke and read ; but he had not read very long before a bullet of a great gun grazed on the ground neare him, which made him remove his station ; he told me that Sir A.
Page 471 - By nature form'd, by want a pedant made, Blackmore at first set up the whipping trade; Next quack commenced; then fierce with pride he swore, That toothache, gout, and corns, should be no more. In vain his drugs, as well as birch he tried; His boys grew blockheads, and his patients died.
Page 330 - The Garden of Cyrus, or The Quincuncial Lozenge, or Net-work Plantations of the Ancients, Artificially, Naturally, Mystically considered;" and " Hydriotaphia ; Urn Burial, or a Discourse on the Sepulchral Urns found in Norfolk.
Page 509 - I can neither approve of that practice nor those delays ; because my father, brothers, and myself [though none else in Europe as I know] have, by God's blessing, and our industry, attained to, and long practised a way to deliver women in this case, without any prejudice to them or their infants ; though all others (being obliged, for want of such an expedient, to use the common way) do, and must endanger, if not destroy one or both with hooks.
Page 64 - Fellow, he was cited before the College for impugning the infallibility of Galen. On his acknowledgment of error, and humble recantation, signed with his own hand, he was received into the College.
Page 9 - ... elects should yearly choose one of them to be president of the said commonalty...
Page 365 - A Collection of very valuable and scarce Pieces relating to the last Plague in 1665; among which is — An Account of the first rise, progress, symptoms, and cure of the Plague, being the Substance of a Letter from Dr. Hodges to a person of quality. Dated from his house in Watling Street, 8th May, 1666.